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Comments Thread For: Gary Russell: I Gave Magsayo a Boxing Lesson, I Felt Like I Won The Fight

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    Originally posted by Ryannn View Post

    Gary has like what, 6 kids?

    It's clear that he doesn't pull out for anything.
    Ha ha ha, we forgot to laugh MF’er!


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      Originally posted by hitmanjosh View Post

      I understand what you are saying but my opinion is a tad bit different, because his arrogance is what caused him defeat.
      Can't disagree.


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        Originally posted by BeLikeWater
        Too much crack in da hood and now boy can’t think clearly.
        Go to hell! Find your mother there as well with that racist s(hitttt)!


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          I wanted to like Russell, but all this fighting every other year non-sense was ridiculous. Finally they can move on.
          No look hook likes this.


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            Originally posted by The tucker View Post
            Mark won the fight imo but the fact that mark got a majority decision against a one armed boxer shows me he should avoid a rematch with Gary at all cost.
            bullschit. Mark walked thru russells punches landed savage body punches was faster even moving his body while punching or getting out after. he was faster tougher sharper and younger. if they fight again russell goes down a few times if not out


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              Age and inactivity and injury finally caught up with Russell. If he couldnt get top names to fight him once a year he should have fought anyone available to keep sharp and active and earn a living. I would have picked a young Russell against a lot of guys but his prime is now gone. He can't fight timid or he loses fights, even if an injury. Maybe he has 3 fights left, not sure. But inactivity and age causes more injuries.


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                Had he not lost 3 rounds before getting injured he might have won! It was a boxing lesson but not sure anything better than a draw for GRJ is fair

                Commentary team were absolutely clueless at times. They were explaining everything GRJ was doing to clearly win a couple of the rounds and then giving the round to Magsayo. The punch stats seem to include shots blocked by GRJ as landed .


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                  Originally posted by BeLikeWater

                  I said nothing about his race you ghetto hood rat.
                  You didn’t have to the crack s(hit)tt ain’t funny, I’m the one that got your mama hooked!


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                    Originally posted by champion4ever View Post
                    By averaging throwing less than three punches per round and he gave him a boxing lesson?
                    This is the ambiguity of scoring criteria playing out in some people's minds:

                    Effective Aggression: Magsayo was missing upwards of 30 punches per round, so in the eyes of some he wasn't 'effective'. Russell was only missing about 15-20 a round, ergo he was more effective.

                    Defense: Magsayo missed more than Russell, ergo Russell's defense was better

                    Ring Generalship: Russell was able to pick and choose when he threw his punches, thats what he wants. He was fighting his fight- so he was the ring general.

                    Hard & Clean Punches: Most of Magsayo's punches werent landing. But even if its a wash in this category, theyve already convinced themselves Russell has won based on the other three.

                    I know a lot of pretentious boxing know-it-alls who think like this, it allows them to hold sway in their minds over those of us who tend to score a round for the fighter who lands more and lands better.


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                      Too bad Leo Santa Cruz didn't take advantage of Russell Jr.'s challenge. He could have added expert boxing lessons from Gary.