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A little rant and rave from the corners of my mind (non boxing)

Posted 11-16-2009 at 11:54 AM by LEFTYGUNZZ
Sometimes I sit here and wonder am I really doing what it is I am supposed to be doing with myself? Why do the things that happen to me happen? is it faith a determined path or just the way things are? Reality is what we make it I was told by others. What is real to you might not be real to others. It is called belief it all depends on what you believe in and if you believe in yourself. I tried hard for many years to get a grip on reality and to believe in myself. I often questioned the things around me and the things inside me. I had to be reassured comforted and loved in order to grow into the person I was to be. you might think sometimes that you are better off being someone else or living a different life. You ever stop to think that if you did that you wouldn't be you? Truly a real question to ask your self. It all depends on if you love yourself I guess. It is said that you cannot make anyone happy unless you yourself are happy that you cannot love anyone unless you yourself love you. They also say misery needs company right? I see more misery in life than happiness I think to myself it is just the way life is or is it?

People scrambling around trying to search for answers to question inside their heads or inside them selves. Curiosity about others and life as a whole. Is it really meant to be happy or is happy just a state of mind? Honestly I don't know it seems people desire $$$ that money is what makes people happy. I think everyone thinks that until they have money and they realize they still aren't happy. Michael Jackson sang a song called human nature. It is human nature or instinct that drives us deep down inside. The instinct to always want more to be selfish and greedy and ugly as a species. I had a conversation one Sunday with a family member and we were talking about politics and the issues in this country with our economy. He was talking about foreign trade and other ways to try to give the economy a shot in the arm. I told him that the world as a whole turned into a bunch of online shopping idiots. that the politicians and corporations have tried to keep us occupied with gadgets and other materialistic things in order to take control over the world and keep the riches in their pockets. when people are occupied by the bull**** on TV and the thousands of handheld devices and other technical doohickeys they tend to get less involved with politics and the way things are getting ran. In other words they are too busy or entertained to realize they are getting fu#ked. I mean we got a pill for everything too. You keep us occupied with gadgets and high on pills and take complete advantage of us in every way and we thank you for it. Well this is what I told this gentlemen while we were talking.

Yeah sure I try to be positive but is it really worth it? They always say that one person can make a difference. Okay I am game tell me how I can help. i am ready to pitch in. I think we can make a difference by educating our children and telling them to question authority. I mean we want our children to be thinkers right? I know I do but the people who are making the video games do they? I see less and less kids outside playing and more kids glued to their computers and nintendo DS' Parent are happy because the kid is out of their hair and quite. Yeah they are real happy until the kids gets depressed one day and takes a hand full of pills he bought online and walks into a crowded school or internet cafe and unleashes 40-50 9mm caliber bullets and kills 15-20 people. Then they wonder why oh gee maybe it was because you never talked to your children and let them play video games and surf freely on the internet with out supervision? hmmm I remember Arsenio Hall had that segment on his TV show "Things that make you say hmmmmm" Well I am thinking hmmmmmmmm right now. You ever sit across the table from someone and conversate with them and the whole time you are wondering if they really give a **** what you are saying? Maybe you were thinking to yourself I wish they would just shut up or looking for an excuse to leave and took the opportunity. You ever were put in a situation were you were in a crisis and they people around you helped you through it and you thought after wards that things would be different or you did something or said something that you wish you could have taken back later on? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Yeah I am probably ranting and raving but venting is still allowed in this country right? I mean the 1st amendment is still in effect right. The patriot act didn't take you right away to speak freely come it has nothing to do with health care or bad mouthing the president right? Honestly they say that popularity changes people and being rich and famous is not all it is cracked up to be. Are those people just jealous? I mean jealousy is a sickness for which there is no cure it is kind f like cancer it just grows. Hate an anger can fill you up faster than a BIG MAC. the difference is you can **** a BIG MAC out later on maybe go on a diet and lose some weight. the anger stays with you like herpes and comes and goes like an outbreak for which you need to be medicated in order to deal with it. They say people who are substance abusers need to be in recovery but they are constantly recovering? They never actually get better they just take it one day at a time? I ay **** that if you don't want to do something than don't ****ing do it have a little back bone some will power. recovery is for the weak. I think the government puts these thoughts in the heads of these poor people in order to keep them down and continue making money off these poor weak souls. i mean recovery is a big business no?

Think of all the rehab centers that are government funded? the jobs created by this industry counselors, DEA agents special task forces police officers doctors. Military resources, coast guard all the people that in some way shape or form would affected if drugs stopped coming into this country tomorrow. They could put a stop to drugs if they wanted to but financially it would not be beneficial too so people stay in RECOVERY. They stay in RECOVERY while others have their pockets recover. Government agencies get their funding and the tax payers suffer. The police keep their jobs and protect us from the people whom are RECOVERING and GUNS come off the street. You ever stop to think about who actually benefits from GUNS coming off the street? The people whom are carrying the guns? Really "Things that make you say hmmmmm" I don't know if I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today or if it is just Friday the 13th or what? I know I have been through alot in my life and I had my own anger issues in the past I do my best to not let myself lose control but damn it people piss me off.

Is it natural to hate people in general? I tell you people are just ****ed up they believe their own bull****. Truly you can argue until the y are blue in the face but if they believe their own bull **** you are not going to convience them other wise. Now I know I may not be the smartest person or the best in gramma or spelling but I can try to argue with the best of them. I mean if I feel it is worth it I will debate with you until I am blue in the face. Honestly I am talking about people who have the common snese of a handball the IQ of a pencil eraser. You just want to reach out and grab them and shake them you don't know how they could be so stupid. I come in contact with people like these everyday. I have this one guy I work with he is constantly talking about doing things. Whether it is quitting smoking, losing weight or just changing his routine. Not even five minutes after he has these conversations he is lighting up eating twinkies and standing in the same spot he swore he would never be in again. It aggravates me. You might ask why and I will tell you I just spent 10-15 minutes of my life talking to you about your problems I heard you speak I gave you my opinion and then you went back to doing exactly what we talked about you wouldn't be doing. I don't want to be mad so what do I do I disassociate myself from you. I choose to not be around you if you are going to get me upset. I don't need you stress. Now some might say it is avoiding you problem and I say **** it t aint my problem!

You can sit here until you are blue in the face and tell me how much you love me or you care about me. You can send me enough gifts and cards to choke a horse but the bottom line is action speak louder than words and if you say I love you but I turn around and you stick a knife in my back I guess you really don't care right? I tell you this in life sometimes it is hard to see the snakes in the grass and when you have been hanging out in the grass so long you tend to blend in. Life is full of people trying to **** each other. Whether they are trying to get over on you take money from you bad mouthing you or just plain stupid they are out there. Questions I ask myself everyday and the answers people give me I learn by observation. You ever just sit back in a crowded area like on the train and watch how people act over something a meaning less as a germ infested seat on a filthy train? How grown people will run over old ladies and small children to put their fat asses in a seat. I get asked why my hands sweat or I feel anxious in the presence of people. I will tell you why the vibes the tension and the energy you can feel from a crowd comes across differently to others. It seems the older you get the more you learn people suck.
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    I have heard the saying you can pick your friend but you cannot choose your family. I had a hard time getting close with my family or doing family things maybe it had something to do with my upbringing or the way I felt at an early age being around people. The fact is that family can be more judgmental then anyone. Maybe it is because they tend to get involved in your life and all aspects of it. You rely on family and trust family. I have tried to adopt that way of thought. I have tried to believe that maybe I can attempt to make that bond stick. When I was a adolescent I have only one emotion anger. Mostly due to the surroundings and the adults involved or not involved in my life. I never felt pain or hurt. I never felt sadness or closeness. I feel like I was searching for someone I could count on someone whom I could relate to. For some of the same reasons gang members join gangs. The feeling of family of someone you can rely on relate too and who respects you and cares about you. Someone who can stand with you no matter what.

    What do you do when you feel like things are never going to get better. Some people take their owns lives others turn to crime. I mean everyone thinks differently I wonder am I really capable of some of the things I have done in my life? Will I pay for that **** or will my sons pay for it? I look in the mirror everyday and wonder when what goes around will come back to me. maybe we punish ourselves by making bad decisions. I know there are different people and everyone learns differently some of us learn through experience and others learn from observation. I have learned from both there is no education like experience. They listed the three things people are most afraid of and Change was #1 Public Speaking #2 and death is #3. Imagine that people rather die than speak in public or have to go through changes. The truth is the world is constantly changing so i guess we have no choice to adjust it is called evolution. We constantly evolve and then we say why aren't things like they used to be? Right!!!

    You watch movies and you say wow that is crazy and the ten years later you are doing it. Things that are based on reality and fiction. Truth is we all have questions about things surrounding us and ourselves in general. My mind has been filled with questions and emotions sometimes I just feel like screaming and I think I am but it is all inside my head. It is amazing what you can ponder when you have enough time on your hands. maybe I am crazy maybe I am sane normal who knows. I always thought about normalcy and wondered what that was. Was it the Leave it to beaver view on TV in the 60's I know my family was not like that. I guess normal is what you perceive it to be. Pure perception is what it is to me. It is just what you are used to seems normal to you. I mean in some countries they eat insects right that **** aint normal in the US but in India it aint normal to eat beef? So a juicy steak might seem gross to them. Anyway you get the concept I am trying to explain. I could probably go on for like a day and a year but I will end it here. Some people are just shallow like puddles in pot holes in the street outside and others have an unknown depth. A little rant and rave from the corners of my mind......Lefty
    Posted 11-16-2009 at 11:55 AM by LEFTYGUNZZ LEFTYGUNZZ is offline

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