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  • Comments Thread For: Froch: Deontay Wilder Knocks Anthony Joshua Spark Out in One Round

    Former super middleweight champion Carl Froch is backing Deontay Wilder to blast out Anthony Joshua in a single round. The two former world champions will appear on the same card on December 23rd in Saudi Arabia.
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    We know, and so does Eddie Hearn and AJ, which is why they won’t take the fight
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      I disagree Froch, If AJ fights the way he fights with his old style then it will end in round one with Wilder deleting AJ coz that AJ never cared about defense. He just goes for offense. However with this cautious style with mix up of some cojones he will neutralize Wilder and stun him with good shot.
      I believe when AJ finally fights Deontay Wilder, he should invest in the body and also launch some uppercuts.
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        Let’s see how they look in 4 weeks. Neither has beaten a ranked opponent in years and both look washed
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          Froch still got that loyalty to McCracken, good to see.
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            There's no doubt about it. He's right.
            Parker is a harder fight for Wilder than Joshua is - more durable.

            Joshua is an excellent fighter, don't get me wrong.

            In my opinion (an important one, having seen each of the following names live and in person on many occasions), Joshua still holds a place among the 10 best heavyweights produced since 1980:

            1. Larry Holmes
            2. Lennox Lewis
            3. Mike Tyson
            4. Wladimir Klitschko
            5. Tyson Fury
            6. Evander Holyfield
            7. Deontay Wilder
            8. George Foreman
            9. Vitali Klitschko
            10. Anthony Joshua

            Given the 100's of thousands who have taken a shot at the prize in that time, amateur and pro; those in the top ten are rare athletes indeed.

            But Wilder is a perfect trap for someone of Joshua's makeup.

            Their common opponents; Breazeale, Molina, Helenius, have each offered the very same opinion as Froch, as have a great many in the community.

            A.J. can continue to avoid Wilder should both win this month; but if he does, his legacy will be that of the guy with the slimmer resume than Fury, Wilder and Usyk; and as the one who never stepped up while the others all did.​


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              Originally posted by VislorTurlough View Post
              Let’s see how they look in 4 weeks. Neither has beaten a ranked opponent in years and both look washed
              Franklin pushed Whyte, could of been given the win 'And that was when he was training part time'.

              Moving on from the Whyte fight, Jermaine Franklin was 22 pounds lighter for his fight vs Joshua. 'Joshua won 95% of the rounds, and won the fight easy without getting out of 2nd gear'.

              Joshua's two loses to Usyk were competitive especially the second fight 'Wilder in comparison was ****** out by Tyson Fury in their 3rd fight. ****** out by a fighter in Fury who has never been rated as a monster puncher'.

              The third Wilder vs Fury fight, was skill for skill the worst fight out of the trilogy 'Both fighters were a mess, and all over the place technically. Great passion competition between Wilder and Fury, but in terms of pure boxing? It was not a high level fight'.

              Anthony Joshua whether it be his two fights vs Usyk, or his two comeback fights 'Has been performing at a higher level than Wilder'.

              Note: In my opinion Wilder has more to prove in his up and coming fight than Joshua 'Joshua has been here before, he has beaten the most top level fighters at Heavyweight out of the top-4 fighters during his career' etc.
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                Froch is such a hater, enjoy retirement no one misses you....
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                  Froch is simply being sentimental here. Since AJ left McCracken Froch has been talking him down. So, there's nothing new here.
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                    I've always thought it would be a quick win for Wilder but a more aggressive , educated approach may just be the difference that might give Joshua a shot .It will be interesting to see what underrated Ben can bring to him.Let's remember almighty hitter Wilder hasn't had ring time and is knocking on a bit. Question is , will they ever face each other.