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Hmm. NSB says I'm crazy thinking Wilder has a shot? Here's Wilder doing jump rope like NO other heavyweight does or can

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    Black girls - Double Dutch - tell Wilder to catch some pine and watch; learn how to jump rope.

    I posted this becuse I think these girls are almost unbelievable but there they are moving . . .


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      Jump ropes don't punch back.


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        Not impossible. Unlikely but he's got the firepower and determination.


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          Originally posted by ShoulderRoll View Post
          Jump ropes don't punch back.


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            Originally posted by BangEM View Post

            Especially for a guy like Wilder with sparrow legs and no torso.

            If he's going to have a puncher's chance - the focus should be his left hand since Fury gets carried away sometimes and you can catch him with a well timed short left hook. And he needs a psychiatrist (for how mentally unstable he has been of late) and a psychologist.

            A one-handed man with no left hand and no torso for half-decent footwork, yet his fans think his piss-poor jump rope would save him.
            He needs to go to the same dance school Loma went too. Don’t forget he’ flat footed too.


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              Originally posted by revelated View Post
              maybe he should join a jump rope competition then


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                Originally posted by pollywog View Post

                Parker and AJ make it look effortless...
                First of all, Joshua does not have a rope. I have what he's using.

                Second Parker is doing the Tyson Fury two-foot, called the "high schooler jump". That doesn't count.


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                  Originally posted by tonysoprano View Post
                  Jeez, the guy has boxed for what 18 years and that is how he jumps rope? There are beginners who do better after 2 months of training.

                  He's clearly never jumped rope at all if that's his standard. I feel embarrassed for him watching that.
                  Like I said earlier, Breland admitted that Wilder never did rope. Malik is taking him back to basics - which he desperately needed.


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                    Wilder using the rope passes the eye test so I now think he beats fury lol


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                      Originally posted by BangEM View Post

                      Fury and AJ also jump ropes and they’re far cleaner than Wilder. They just don’t post it.
                      How would you know how good they are if they've not posted it???

                      You're a ****ing ******, christ.
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