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Hmm. NSB says I'm crazy thinking Wilder has a shot? Here's Wilder doing jump rope like NO other heavyweight does or can

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    This only goes to show the level of determination, motivation, focus, discipline and hunger that Wilder has this time around. He wants this fight very badly. He seems like a man on a mission is if he is obsessed. There's no way he is leaving that ring on July 24th without that belt around his waist because he wants it lot more this time.


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      Originally posted by revelated View Post

      Such skepticism. It's sad. But it's actually good.

      If the majority of people think like you do maybe I can get a windfall from the bookies. Right now, the bookies don't have significant confidence in Fury based on the odds. Gee, I wonder why.

      It's all good - as long as you guys give me my credit for calling it.

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      Go ahead and loose your money. Then come back here so we can all talk some common sense in you.


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        Originally posted by revelated View Post

        What part of the title isn't true?

        have you seen Tyson Fury do rope?

        @1:49 and tell me you don't laugh

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        Tyson Fury's fat ass looks funny as fuck skipping rope as compared to Deontay Wilder.
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          In the HW division, ANYONE has a shot at an upset (except Usyk because he has no punching power). I don't think it's crazy to pick Wilder to win the fight.
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            Wilder is going to shut Fury out 12-0. Our King is ready to reclaim his throne! BOOOOOOOOOMBSQUAD!! I'm telling you guys, I've seen a couple training videos and the world is about to see the second-coming of Lance Whitaker.


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              Originally posted by Citizen Koba View Post

              Surely if you're looking to maximise your winnings you should be using this platform to convince the world Deontay is certain to lose?
              Yes, because there are so many dumb MF'ers here who apparently didn't watch Joshua/Ruiz 1 vs Joshua/Ruiz 2 vs. Ruiz/Arreola, and didn't learn a damn thing from it.


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                Jeez, the guy has boxed for what 18 years and that is how he jumps rope? There are beginners who do better after 2 months of training.

                He's clearly never jumped rope at all if that's his standard. I feel embarrassed for him watching that.


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                  Parker and AJ make it look effortless...
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                    Originally posted by MONGOOSE66 View Post

                    I’m shocked boxing fans think jumping rope means “him fight good” (caveman talking). LOL
                    Especially for a guy like Wilder with sparrow legs and no torso.

                    If he's going to have a puncher's chance - the focus should be his left hand since Fury gets carried away sometimes and you can catch him with a well timed short left hook. And he needs a psychiatrist (for how mentally unstable he has been of late) and a psychologist.

                    A one-handed man with no left hand and no torso for half-decent footwork, yet his fans think his piss-poor jump rope would save him.


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                      Originally posted by pollywog View Post

                      Parker and AJ make it look effortless...
                      Fury is also effortless with it tho it looks awkward due to tall he's.

                      The crap Wilder is doing on this thread is below average. The OP must be trolling Wilder.

                      Then again, Wilder posted it to his r3tarded fans like ****ty pad work that showed how abysmal his left hand is.

                      Fury would only lose if the fight is scripted - Wilder doesn't have a puncher's chance in this fight. He'll get beaten worse than the last time. His fraudulent overrated power doesn't even bother Fury since he took all Wilder's best shots in the last fight before beating him like a thief.