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Comments Thread For: Claressa Shields Makes MMA Debut, Stops Brittney Elkin in Third

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    Originally posted by TMLT87 View Post

    Ngannou would do well in any era but if you send him back a decade to the UFC division of the time or the Strikeforce GP i'm not convinced he reaches the top like hes managed to now. Theres just not many well rounded, athletic HWs in their prime around right now, Gane is probably the best possible challenger but his lack of power would probably be his downfall vs Ngannou.

    Eh, I think hypothetical purple belt Gassiev would lose to prime DC, Jones, Rumble, Bader, Davis, Gus, Glover and probably others tbh. Having said that, current 205 is far removed from those days, its possibly even worse than HW now.
    Yeah I’m not so sure. I think he could end up with a winning record against those guys. I’m obviously biased as boxing is my first love.

    Looking forward to UFC 263?


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      Originally posted by DougalDylan View Post

      In womens boxing all the strength in depth is at the lower weights just look at the number of registered boxers, Shields picked up a lot of those belts vacant.

      Anyway not hating could look to her hope she gets her money but at the end of the day its viewers that matter .. maybe MMA gives her that.
      I mean okay, but that was her situation when she was in the division. What can you do. The more disturbing reality for women in boxing is there isn't anyone to pass the torch to you to even get the big paydays like there is in men's boxing. So the writing is already on the wall if they are looking.

      But yea I think there are a lot more eyes on female MMA than female boxing & that's a reason there is more money there.


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          Originally posted by Dakuwaqa View Post
          Looking forward to UFC 263?
          100%. Its been a really quiet few weeks after the last PPV.

          That Bellator card tonight is good too.


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            Shields composure was impressive as she never panicked being put in bad situations. Going forward she needs to control her emotions as she got too excited and put on her back when she should have kept it on her feet.

            Good stuff though.


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              Congratulations on another great victory! What an athlete? Claressa you are absolutely amazing! You truly are the GWOAT!


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                Originally posted by hectari View Post
                Man Claressa Shields got balls man, she was losing that fight but you can see she is calm and collected unlike James Toney who panicked, she won me over here, she also has good base for this, her hips are strong, and she barely trained not bad for a novice she got out of that armbar and new when to explode out, id love her to focus on the ground she will be a beast in MMA
                However, unlike Shields; Tony was old, washed up, out of shape and past his prime. He was 42 years old then.


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                  Originally posted by buddyr View Post

                  toney didn't even get in shape for boxing, you knew he wouldn't for an mma fight. He was just there for a check


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                    As soon as she fights a real one, she will loose badly. Mark my words.


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                      Just watched highlights of the fight. Claressa's athleticism, plus heart and composure under pressure, overcame Brittney's skills and experience.

                      Well done Claressa!