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Comments Thread For: Lomachenko on Loss To Lopez: Nothing Honest About The Judging, It's About Being Bribed

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  • Has anyone brought up the blatant elbows by Lopez? I was surprised fight night that the ref never said anything and even to this day I have yet to read anyone mention it. If Lopez is able to get away with that who knows what else he will get away with next.


    • he's absolutely right. those scorecards were disgraceful.

      truth is lopez barely landed anything clean or meaningful! he was hitting elbows and arms almost all night while loma landed the cleaner blows. and yet the judges only had him winning 3 or 4 rounds?!?!?!? get lost u punks!!!!

      loma was robbed. FACT!!


      • Cmon Loma, I like you as a fighter but you are wrong.

        There have been plenty of robberies in recent years in fighting, this was not one. Don't go crying wolf and diminish it when actual robberies happen


        • Tsk, tsk, tsk Loma

          It will always determine the measure of a man by how he handles his first loss.

          Deontay Wilder and Donald Trump are PRIME examples of that.

          This is a shame Loma but I'm not surprised. These guys that have everything going their way and start drinking their own bathwater. When there's a hiccup, they fall to pieces.

          Phuck you Loma.You were given a pass and proclaimed as a world beater and the best after what? Less than a handful of fights?



          • Originally posted by RGJTMMRDCMJRJSM View Post
            Even with all the money in the world,,,
            You can't buy class
            Really? They told us Eastern Euros are all class.


            • It was a very close fight, but I thought Lopez won. So someone here had to go to politics yet again and mention President Trump. Well, that's a man that actually won and was robbed, so there's a big difference. But back to boxing ☺️


              • Loma has no one to blame but himself. He didnít let his hands go the whole first half of the fight. On top of that, the rounds that Lopez won were big rounds. Iíd like to see him and Lopez run it back, but I doubt itíll happen.


                • Originally posted by BoxingIsGreat View Post
                  They should ask Arum who he bribed for Lopez. This is serious.
                  Yes they should. Either Loma knows exactly whatís up and he should say it, or he shouldnít say something like that.


                  • 1. U loss to a slow Salida ur 2nd fight.

                    2. U got beat 8-4 by Lopez and refused to do interview or give him his respect in the ring after fight.

                    U are are a spoiled privileged brat that doesn't deserve a rematch with Lopez because of ur biaaaatchedness..


                    • I'm satisfied with lopez clearly winning.. was tired of these Europeans being embraced and exalted over our own countrymen, simply because of skin color. Loss to an American with brown skin no less.