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Comments Thread For: Lomachenko on Loss To Lopez: Nothing Honest About The Judging, It's About Being Bribed

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  • Originally posted by Divine Hammer View Post
    he's absolutely right. those scorecards were disgraceful.

    truth is lopez barely landed anything clean or meaningful! he was hitting elbows and arms almost all night while loma landed the cleaner blows. and yet the judges only had him winning 3 or 4 rounds?!?!?!? get lost u punks!!!!

    loma was robbed. FACT!!
    Huge Loma fan but he was not robbed. I had it 6-6 but i could see it going to 8-4 Teo easy. Deff not 7-5 Loma.

    There is no way Loma won round 2. He maybe won 6, but i have him 7-11 no problem.

    Losing respect for Loma doing this.


    • Originally posted by BoxingIsGreat View Post
      I think he should be careful. I can see Arum coming back hard at him, like he did Bud, or even worse. He definitely shouldn't say such thing to the whole world. Whoever is advising him is a POS.
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      • Originally posted by alexjust View Post
        Its a nice theory and all, but the reality is that when Byrd scored their fight at 118-110 - it showed gross incompetence and therefore you can't rely on judging as a credible adjudication because the judging panel was effectively incomplete. What "diehard" GGG fans are more concerned about is the trend of close rounds going to a marketing star of boxing. Which now happens to be Canelo. That is the problem. And to me this is a problem even when GGG gets the edge from the judges in his fight with Dervy. The scoring must be fair - period. If GGG drawed Dervy - let the scores show that. If he lost - let the scores show that too.
        One judge doesnít matter. Byrd had Khan beating Canelo almost every round. I thought Khan didnít do Jack shet and missed. HBO coverage even exaggerated Khan landing. Caneloís so fast rolling punches it looks like heís getting touched but he isnít. Canelo did a lot of rolling against GGG. Canelo is one of the few masters in the game to roll with punches effortlessly. It looks like the glove does damage but it doesnít


        • Iím a Loma fan without???

          But he beat your a_s, so go back to the drawing board rebuild and try again. He won easier than Salido by far!


          • GFTOH with that.
            So is trying to say he should be awarded the victory based on the last 3 rounds


            • Originally posted by 1hourRun View Post
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              My sentiment exactly


              • Originally posted by RoadMan94 View Post
                Ridiculous. Black FANS try to make fights about race far too often. Just like when Jake Paul knocked out Nate Robinson. Had guys who never even fought calling out Paul, all for the ďCultureĒ apparently.

                I say fans, because thatís who it is that racebait. Far more than fighters ever do. Apart from Wilder maybe.

                Most fans who are real Boxing fans, appreciate the effort given by many fighters of African American heritage. Guys who are active today, and legends of the past. Not just boxing either In all sports I can think of, black athletes have been AMAZING.

                SICK TO DEATH OF THIS BS.
                If who we are talking about does not include you why even respond? To act like this phenomenon of racism does not exist in boxing, is to admit you have been living under a rock for the last few decades or you're are in denial.

                You were triggered by the post for some reason...


                • 6th
                  Originally posted by KTFOKING View Post
                  Definitely, but it's hard for any boxer to admit someone is better than them at that level. Whenever Spence vs Crawford happens, I'm positive the loser will have some excuses as well. That's just how it goes. I can't even say I am disappointed in the fighter or upset because at this point it is expected. Now, Wilder was attacking Breland and his character and that was wrong to think he would drug him during the fight.

                  I agree that Lomachenko shouldn't be talking much since he put himself in such a huge deficit. If he could throw the right hand in the last four rounds, then he could have thrown it earlier. For whatever reason he chose to fight the way he did and now has to live with the results.
                  Maybe I was waiting for Lopez to gas, less powerful, before he could take the risk to engage. His strategy failed and he almost got ko'ed in 12. It's at least 7-5 Lopez.
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                  • Originally posted by BoxingIsGreat View Post
                    So ****ing stupid. The 3 eastern euro name guys have all excuses for their losses: Kovalev, little g, and Bumchenko. Blame the judges. Maybe the tough Ukrainian spirit Loma was selling was a ***** spirit.
                    being honest Kovalev in his first fight with ward and ggg in both fights with canelo had legitimate gripes. Loma, not so much. Lopez swept the first part of the fight and closed stringer in the 12th. Heís sounding like a lame excuse maker for someone who was scared to let his hands go.


                    • Originally posted by SinderellaMan View Post
                      GFTOH with that.
                      So is trying to say he should be awarded the victory based on the last 3 rounds
                      Why not?

                      NSB swears up and down that Lopez "dominated" Round 12 thus giving him the win - despite my video CLEARLY showing that Lopez didn't do jack in Round 12 - it was a swing round.

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                      I don't agree with Loma's round selection (he did NOT win 2. I'm sorry, he did not! He tried to steal it, I don't see it). But I do and did agree a DRAW is the correct score. I had him sweeping 7-12 - 6 rounds.