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Comments Thread For: Lomachenko on Loss To Lopez: Nothing Honest About The Judging, It's About Being Bribed

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  • Originally posted by Gamer30168 View Post
    The judges might have been bribed because at least 1 judge badly scored the fight as if she had been bribed but the fact remains that Loma lost. He could and probably SHOULD have won but he chose to be inactive and concede the first half of the fight and as a result he lost. Crying about it now is a bad look for him. I understand the fight was close and that is a hard loss to take but he should congratulate Lopez for a job well done instead of crying about it. Next time throw some punches Loma!
    Thatís the issue, how far out one of the scorecards was! If he had lost a close split decision it would have taken away a lot of these excuses


    • Originally posted by Liondw View Post
      It was a very close fight, but I thought Lopez won. So someone here had to go to politics yet again and mention President Trump. Well, that's a man that actually won and was robbed, so there's a big difference. But back to boxing ☺️
      Yeah, trump is so much winning that we are fed up and tired of this "wins" already. The 'got tired' part, he was actually correct of about that