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  • Comments Thread For: Marcos Maidana: Broner is Stronger Than Mayweather

    WBA welterweight champion Marcos Maidana (35-3, 31KOs) views Adrien Broner as a physically stronger fighter than Floyd Mayweather Jr. (45-0, 26KOs), the WBC champion at 147. Their unification takes place on May 3rd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

    Broner was being pushed as the second coming of Mayweather. The two fighters are close friends. The push of Broner hit an Argentine brick wall when Maidana dropped him twice and won a twelve round unanimous decision to capture Broner's WBA title at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.
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    Stop it buddy.

    This dude can't be serious. Did he see Floyd against Canelo??? He was extremely physically fit. Broner was trying to make it at 147. Floyd has been there for years and has held his own on occasion at 154. Let Marcos Maidana think that and get served on May 3rd. Godspeed good fighter.


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      Until he gets buckled then he will be giving us the same spill we've been hearing for 13 years.

      "He was stronger than we thought....he was too fast..."

      Just shut the **** up already. And get ready to have your ass handed to you in a take out bag. Collect your fat check and go back to you massive ranch in Venezuela or where the **** your from Maidana.

      Jus like the rest of them. And for the record, as if I haven't made this clear before, I am not a Mayweather fan. Just a man of truth.


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        I see a repeat of the Alexander fight. I see Floyd either shutting out an intimidated Maidana 12 zip. Or I see Mayweather stopping a completely demoralized Maidana who at least tried to get to Floyd. I'm leaning towards the former. In his fight with Alexander, I saw Maidana basically quit. Maidana just couldn't do anything with a guy who was moving around the ring. Broner fights flat-footed most of the time, Floyd doesn't. I see the same thing happening against Floyd. After about 6 rounds of being completely outboxed and hit with pot shots, Maidana will become scared to let his hands go because of Floyd's counter/lead right and lead left hooks.

        I'm not buying the hype for this fight. Maidana has beaten fighters who were there for the taken, and Broner has been overhyped and could have about 3 losses by now.


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          Both weight around the same weight in the ring, for what it's worth.


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            1st,How would Maidana know this??

            2end,LMAO for anyone thinking Broner is stronger in any aspect of the fight game then Mayweather..


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              This particular Maidana has already lost to Mayweather - even before he steps into the ring with Mayweather - if he truly believes that Mayweather is not as physically strong as Broner.


              But, I'd like to believe, though, that that's just the way Maidana knows to promote a fight.



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                Gaydana wants nothing to do with Danny after he obliterated his gay Argentine mullet lover so his word is crap.


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                  Lol. Let's see if he feels the same way on May 4th.


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                    Originally posted by PBP View Post
                    Lol. Let's see if he feels the same way on May 4th.
                    I'm willing to bet he won't..LMAO..