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How will Donaire fare against Moreno and Agbeko?

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    Originally posted by pgolf View Post
    Watching the fight last night, I thought that was BS on the part of Nonito. However, after watching the replay earlier today, I think you are correct. Nonito did not even try to slip, flinch or close his eyes when Montiel threw and connected with the right.

    The super slow-motion caught everything. Nonito was expecting the punch and threw his hook, eyes wide open and full torque. Regardless of what RJJ, said Montiel saw the the left hook coming a fraction of a second before it landed.

    Call me crazy, but if Montiel was countered throwing a left hook instead of a right. Nonito's check hook would have sent him straight to the hospital. Imagine Vic's KO x2.
    That is a scary thought indeed.


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      I really wanna see Donaire Moreno now can see Morenos defense and adaptability getting to Donaire.Hope Morenos not going off the rails after reading some posts about him


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        Moreno and Mares are best equipped to fight Donaire


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          Originally posted by crold1 View Post
          Agbeko would provide the more entertaining fight but Moreno would have the much better chance to win. He's brilliantly contained. Knows he isn't scoring the KO most of the time so concentrates on winning rounds and can do so about 3-4 different ways.

          Offense v. defense...Donaire-Moreno is THE fight at Bantam.
          I don't think anyone at bantam can hang rounds with nonito staying outside on him. Agbeko fights any range and has underrated d.


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            I might favor Donaire, but I think Moreno has a damn good chance in beating Donaire...

            Moreno is the truth man. Dude is the real deal he can hang with Donaire.

            That is the best available match up that can be made right now.

            I like Mares but I think Donaire eats him up.

            Agbeko that fight might be fireworks though.

            But, Moreno has the best chance. Bantamweight is just so deep. Is just crazy.


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              Moreno is my favourite fighter at Bantam, but I think Donaire beats him by descion. But that could change in time.

              As for Agbeko, I think thats a great fight. That I believe Donaire would win.


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                i can only compare how all three (mares, agbeko, and donaire) did against common opponant darchinyan...and would conclude that donaire would easily outbox/outclass both mares and agbeko...we can talk about "but styles makes fights, etc..." but donaire, to me, is just one level above both mares n agbeko...TJMFO