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Comments Thread For: Roy Jones Jr. on Devin Haney: 'I Don't Know Who's Going to Beat Him Right Now'

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    Originally posted by Teetotaler69 View Post

    He literally failed two drug tests while he was active. He's a brain damaged cheat
    Really? Links please and i eat my words if you are right.


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      Originally posted by hennanra1000 View Post

      Really? Links please and i eat my words if you are right.

      Now eat em


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        Haney lacks knockout power and he's no Floyd Mayweather.
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          Originally posted by hennanra1000 View Post

          Proof of this? FYI i hate boxers associating with Conte (if thats your angle) but reality is he is one of best in game in nutrition and sports science.

          Haney fights with high frequency so hardly has opportunity to be cycling the way Fury for example who already popped dirty and bribed someone to cover.
          If you are a professional athlete in the Bay Area, top of your game, sooner or later you will show up on Conte's doorstep. I remember when he was a jazz musician who bought a state of the art nutrition analyzing machine... the rest is history. A lot of what he does is not roid related, while it is obvious he knows about Steriods as well.
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            Folks are really acting like Haney is invincible. While he is a sound boxer, he's yet to prove himself to be a power puncher - that's needed at the elite level. Plus, he has shown his inexperience in late rounds against the likes of Loma and Linares. Loma had faster hands than Haney (I still had Haney slightly beating Loma though). Here's the list that Haney has beaten - a fading Linares, a fading Loma, a journey man in Kambosos, and an overrated Prograis. He got hurt against Linares too, and was bothered by a punch late in his fight against Loma - so his chin is still questionable.

            As it pertains to non power, finesse boxers, he's no Pernell Whitaker.

            I'm not ready to say that Haney is a force to be reckoned with just yet. He has to face one of the following first - Davis, Matias, Teofimo, Shakur, and he must win.

            It's not a given that he beats Ryan Garcia either on Saturday.
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              i saw Roy Jones, where is HANEY???


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                Wow. haney just goes away with close decision against Lomachenko, 2 divisions smaller man, and now is he unbeatable.


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                  Originally posted by hennanra1000 View Post

                  So how are you calling the fight? Garcia win? And who would Devin have to beat to get your recognition? Curious as you sound like you default hate him without logic.

                  I reckon Devin is going to get plenty of knockouts now he is closer to his natural weight (prob 1 or 2 divisions higher even). Interested to see if posters who **** on him come back to admit they were wrong but not holding my breath. But no doubt will come back and say he was juiced or fighter was injured etc etc.

                  No issues w hating a fighter - at least tell the truth. Even as a Haney supporter i can admit he lost to Loma. As another poster said - Roy Jones, Tim Bradley and many others regard Devin as top prospect in division - slightly more qualified than some on this forum.
                  I'm no fan of Haney, his personality or boxing style, but he has made it work for himself and I think he'll be here for a while.

                  I don't know about knockouts, they don't necessarily appear just because a fighter moves up. But, because of his movement and distance, I do think there's a decent chance that whoever beats him does it by KO.
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                    Shakur, Davis and Ennis, if talking about who could beat Haney in or near his current weight division.

                    Let's not count Garcia out, even though Haney is the favourite, deservedly so.

                    Enjoy the fight.


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                      Roy is right. Devin will be very hard to defeat because he doesn't make mistakes or rarely take any risks in the ring. Which will make him very difficult for his opponents to beat.

                      He just won't stand still long enough in order for his opponents to land a good punch on him. Haney is a safety-first fighter; Whose style is very reminiscent of that of Floyd "Money" Mayweather, Jr's.​
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