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Is Bud effectively retired if Canelo won't give him a fight?

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    Tim is going to be a nice payday after he smashes Thurman to build his profile. Since Spence is out the picture Danny Garcia, Erickson Lubin (probably not due to southpaw) or Brian Castano would be a good tune up for Tim


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      Originally posted by RJJ-94-02=GOAT View Post
      Nah I think he’ll take a fight at 154. Tszyu-Thurman winner would be a good option.
      Yes but he needs another fight before that. Cause winner of the probably won't fight for another few months so end of year fight.

      Bud should fight Charlo
      Then winner of Tszyu vs Thurman.

      Canelo will fight other Charlo and Benavidez


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        Realistically, there are only 4 options for Bud Crawford, cash out, retire or continue career at 147 or move up to 154.

        Cash out is obviously a fight vs Canelo Alvarez.
        Retire - self-explanatory.
        Stay at 147 and wait for someone like Teofimo Lopez or Conor Benn in the UK.
        Move up to 154 and fight Tim Tszyu and/or Danny Garcia.

        Pipedreams - Crawford calls out Pacquaio, Mayweather or one of the Paul bros for an exhibition match.
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          I think he'll readily fight Jermell even if he claims he's no longer interested in that fight based on what he saw in Charlo's Canelo fight. He'll take if it is offered, assuming there's no other offer. Haven't heard him call out Tszyu, so maybe he'll have to wait for Tim's offer. Seems by himself he won't make a move on that fight... Haven't heard him reaching out to the Canelo camp either. He's basically on a waiting around situation from what I'm observing. Perfect opportunity for the Ennis camp to take advantage of the Bud situation. He took the Avanesyan fight out of boredom.


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            Originally posted by dan-b View Post
            Bumped for Gary Coleman
            If money is all he's after, then maybe.

            People have to remember that Bud was content with the Spence fight not taking place at all if his contractual demands weren't met. Errol is the main reason that fight took place and he had to give up more than he wanted to in the process for it to happen.

            The odds are fair that Bud would price himself out of a potential Canelo bout anyway.

            He would rightfully be the favorite against Ennis. Make the fight at 154 and let's go.

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              It appears that way from the way his team is talking.

              He has options but I think he may have an over inflated sense of what type of money he alone generates. His best options around his weight if he is putting money first is him and Tszyu or him and Charlo. Those are really solid and good fights.


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                Originally posted by famicommander View Post
                Tim Tszyu vs Keith Thurman winner
                Jermell Charlo
                Danny Garcia
                Brian Castano
                Brian Mendoza
                Tony Harrison

                Any of those is a better option than Ennis or Canelo. Crawford needs to fight at 154 next, period.
                Castano would be a great option at 154 to see how Bud handles the weight.


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                  a fight vs Danny at 154 would be a good scrap, i'd pay for that


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                    I have a feeling the spence rematch will be re-scheduled.


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                      Originally posted by joesaiditstrue View Post
                      a fight vs Danny at 154 would be a good scrap, i'd pay for that
                      Danny Garcia is an overly recycled name at this point. His fight with Amir Khan was nearly 12 years ago.
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