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Comments Thread For: Joe Joyce Fights Through Early Fire, Stops Carlos Takam in Sixth

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  • Originally posted by aaronbnb View Post

    stop it with connected to a drip. he took some shots. that's the fight game. guys get hurt and try to recover. most shots were hitting his shoulders or gloves.

    you know what actually gets guys connected to a drip? getting screwed out of fights and then having to take fight after fight to get back to that position in the rankings and get another shot at the big time. that's what makes this sport hard to watch, not a guy seeing stars and trying to defend himself.

    but hey, Takam is a easy guy to screw. He's 40 years old and no one will care, except his family.
    He had a massive bloke hitting him. He wasn't offering anything in return. It's very simple. You stop the fight. Some hit his gloves but most were hitting his head.

    You don't need to wait for the next two or three big shots to land so that your lust for Takam to be splayed on the canvas is satisfied.

    Anyone involved in boxing knows that's a stoppage.
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    • Joyce is coming along nicely. Would like him to mix him shots up a little more, Takam was moving his head up and down a lot, begging for an uppercut. I didn't like the stoppage but agree Takam was on the way out before long