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Comments Thread For: Hearn To Expand To Australia, Japan, Canada, Germany: The Goal is 'Global Domination'

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    Will be interesting to see how his domestic market works out. Personally, I think leaving Sky Sports in the UK is a mistake, they pick up crossover fans from the football (soccer to you Americans) and I'm not convinced he'll convince many people to buy another service

    Probably depends if he intends to keep so many of his better shows as PPV, if the subscription service will offer up what we've seen on regular Sky Sports lately, he's not going to pull many people in. I couldn't care less about getting American cards personally as I've no intention of staying up to 5am, unless it's a massive fight or watching replays after the event

    The ladies fights are often quite good scraps, but I wouldn't go out of my way to make sure I watch one and call me cynical, but the reason we're having them pushed onto us is because they're cheaper to pay

    It's going to be curious to see who gets the Sky gig after Matchroom. Maybe his fighters will want to remain on the platform and start heading over to the new promoter, much like when Eddie came on to the scene and he took a number of high profile fighters off Frank Warren
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      Originally posted by TinAgeOfBoxing View Post
      Yes the world needs more mis-match garbage fights to not care about. The DAZN red ink is going to be comparable to the US national debt soon with Hearn spending the money.
      You OldSkoolG and !1 are wack ass fans you think all boxers are born superstars and don't need to work their way up or what? Nobody said you had to watch it if you don't want to but you are a selective fan you jump on the bandwagon of only fighters you want just because someone is making noise about them and they are deemed worthy by you to be televised not like it matters.

      It's funny Oldskoolb always talking about Brazil and their favelas and how they can produce great champions if given the opportunity then he agrees with this pure hypocrisy.


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        Eddie's looking for government handouts to pad his bank account, it has nothing to do with helping boxing.
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          It’s the global takeover!


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            I see he is attempting to make his company brand bigger and more lucrative in the boxing business so now he is looking beyond the U.K. or America in general and is trying to extend his roster/stable off fighters to those countries he mentioned..

            question is will his gamble pay off with getting talent from those countries and be a success in the long run? or will the idea perhaps flop down the line and hit a dead end? only time will tell..


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              Biggest bozo in boxing.. all of his cards are complete utter garbage.. DAZN is a joke
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                I prefer to back up US companies, not British, even though DAZN has been doing it right, they promote Brits too much and most o them are Euro level.


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                  Hearn doesn’t put on enough competitive bouts to think worldwide
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                    a lot of the likes in this thread are from the posters who feel salty and are PBC Haymonites. They know Hearn will take over global boxing.

                    the Top Rank kids and PBC fanboys have no idea of this paradigm shift of broadcasting.

                    you old school dummies say “the money is in the USA.” Lol. That’s more about where fighter’s CHOOSE to earn. Even fights that you never hear of, the filler sea of boxers can make $500 and it’s far better than what they’d make in third world countries. Boxing isn’t even that big. Most boxers in USA are American.

                    aside from any of that, many of you have no idea how broadcasting rights work, or rather you simply know the old school way. Traditional worldwide networks for broadcasting will get phased out by newer technologies like OTT. It’s just the practical future and convenience to watch media. You can deny it all u want, but that’s the future. One of the first techs that will help push this is mirroring off mobile devices to the tv. It’s so obvious that’s where we are going, not just a hardline for the tv connected to your modem signal..

                    now the real grit comes here. In order for Hearn to gradually CONSOLIDATE VIEWERSHIP is that Matchroom will be the FIRST powerhouse to build cards that will include the top 5 countries’ “stars.” These will be exercise steps. These new methods will be so original that rival old networks will rethink about rights fees since DAZN will be doing things so differently. It will be traditional platforms wanting almost all of DAZN’s content.

                    Main Card - Canelo vs X
                    co-main - UK vs UK or Japan vs Japan
                    3rd - Germany vs Germany

                    this will be challenging matchmaking to see the metrics. The DAZN schedule of fights in the future will be very intriguing. It’s hard to make a “monopoly” in boxing because the dynamics depends on the fighters the people want to watch as well as RISK ASSESSMENT in that losses from a preferred fighter would affect said region to want to buy another monthly sub. So again, it will be the hardest matchmaking in the business, but Hearn could pull it off in a couple years.

                    you PBC kids need to realize that the stolen GBP stars are gone. It’s a new era. Stop hating on Hearn because he’s white and said “transatlantic deal.” Stop taking shet personal
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                      He's giving us Fury vs Joshua, Crawford vs Spence isn't a Matchroom problem.
                      (Credit to Bob for Taylor vs Ramierez)

                      Originally posted by TinAgeOfBoxing View Post
                      Yes the world needs more mis-match garbage fights to not care about. The DAZN red ink is going to be comparable to the US national debt soon with Hearn spending the money.