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    Originally posted by OnlytheTruth View Post

    So you put Israel killing 13 children on par with Joshua telling people to not spend money in 'their shops'. I think you need to rethink your life.
    BLM and their riots killed a lot of innocent people, such as shooting 8 year old girls in cold blood in the back of her parents car. CNN probably didn’t tell you about those things though.

    anybody who supports that movement is facilitating that stuff too. A man in AJ’s position shouldn’t be adding fuel to the fire by influencing the public telling them essentially to be anti-white, and backing a movement that’s causing deaths. So yeah, anyone who stands in public and makes racist speeches that adds fuel to the fire and backs an organisation responsible for innocent people being killed, including kids, is a scumbag.

    It may be a different situation but it doesn’t make it ok.

    plus as I said earlier in the thread, you only know what the media tell you. I was in Be’er Sheva in 2018 when Palestinians were firing rockets, unprovoked, targeting what would include kids. Absolutely no mention of it in the western media. So people only ever get one side of the story.

    the truth is the whole situation is messed up, 99% of people commenting on it on social media have no understanding of it, only what they read by their preferred and tailored news outlets. People should probably not talk about what they don’t understand, whether that’s pro one sided or another.
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      Originally posted by denium View Post

      Catching hell from who? A bunch of lefties on Twitter?

      Nobody cares what these idiots think about anything.
      "Muh mental health" does..... He's going to apologise watch.......


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        Originally posted by Gandhi View Post


        As a black man, both sides don't love my race. So I'm better off staying neutral.

        But is it a wise decision in a sport like boxing where you need fans to get paid to make political stance?

        And do Jews believe in Jesus?
        Fellow Black man here. There are afro-palestinians, which are mostly the ones being oppressed in Israel. I also know some dope ass Palestinian people that ride for Black folk more than other Black folk. Oppression is wrong, no matter who's doing it.

        I won't go any deeper but it's not a political issue, but a human rights issue. As soon as you make things political, it makes it easier for people to play the other side of the fence on things that are clearly immoral.


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          Originally posted by elfag View Post
          israel can fight there own wars. I dont take enjoyment of anyone getting blown up or any wars starting but i know where all this is going and that is israel's problem. they have money and a good military, they can handle the west bank. US deep state will spin this though to get us into a new war with an entirely different country though
          I would just add that when you say they have their own military, it should be explained that America funds and trains said military and has for years.
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            Fury is bottling the AJ fight ... but I have to say pissing off Saudi with love to Isreal to get them to pull out is inspired
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              He's got a fight in Saudi and he posts that? Moron.

              All the crap he talks and i swear he doesn't actually want to take this fight unless it's a last resort and he has zero other options.
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                Originally posted by Robbie Barrett View Post

                It wouldn't surprise me if he did do it to get out of the fight.
                This is how I know you lot are ****ing stupid. Israel and the UAE have become allies for some time. They don't give a flying **** about whats happening to Palestinians and Hamas is largely aligned with Iran who is at great odds with the UAE as competing dominant political and military powers in the region. His comments would have zero effect on proceedings.
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                  Originally posted by thetruthteller View Post
                  Fury is catching hell for this and also for not signing to fight AJ right now. He has always been phony and a fraud, but I think people are finally opening their eyes to it now. And if he goes and fights another bum instead of fighting AJ or Wilder, he will really catch hell for it. His fanatics will still praise him, but everybody else will see him for what he really is.
                  He's a total fugazi, he's been a pro for 13 years and has boxed 2 top HW's.. Klit and Wilder. His other biggest win is a journeyman Chisora.

                  Yet some people rate him based on that resume which IMO is total garbage. He would have never got near the world title in previous era's.


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                    This is clearly some kind of work from Fury but I'm not entirely sure what angle he is working with. If I was Jewish, I would look at it as almost kinda backhanded considering his comments about Jews back in 2014/15. Its likely him being his usual idiotic self by using that non-linear warfare bull**** and it seems to have riled the right people up. I do indeed think Israel is abusing its position and have exasperated tensions so bad that it might kick off a third intafada. But, in truth, does anyone care anymore? Palestine has no more allies. Iran has been decimated by both covid and Trump (who caught them napping when they took out Suleimani) and he emiratis have all but abandoned Palestine entirely. The EU will kick up a fuss by writing a strongly worded letter and the UK will, as usual, claim moral authority despite being the cause of the conflict in the first place whilst selling more weapons to Israel.

                    I'm just burnt out by the whole thing. The only people who are really complaining are broke muslims and wokies who aren't going to do ****. Half the media personalities they claim to love wouldn't dare cross the Jewish media barons and executives who run Hollywood and continue bank rolling Israel.

                    A two state solution would be nice but, its not happening.


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                      Looks like he deleted that tweet real quick