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    Originally posted by deathofaclown View Post

    That’s got nothing to do with it, i mean the 3rd fight in the contract was a fight with Wilder, which many thought was a 50/50 going in.

    Eddie knows he can’t afford to let AJ keep fighting too many fights before Fury and risk that money being off the table. If Andy Ruiz can smash AJ to bits and make him spit out his gumshield and quit, then there’s other fighters that can, and Eddie knows that. That’s why he can’t afford that risk when theres crazy money available to get Fury smash him up instead.

    Hearn is just being the smart business man that he is and his big friend AJ is the one who has to take the beating.
    Arum refused to pay Fury to fight a bum in December. Fury ain't a draw. Arum wants them last two fights to be money fights = cashing him out.


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      There's no such thing as bad publicity

      Even if it's from your story getting hacked into by an pro Israeli shill.


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        Originally posted by deathofaclown View Post
        Yeah, well everyone is entitled to an opinion and if they want to share it, it’s up to them.

        but at the end of the day, you have to expect a backlash and have to wonder if it’s worth even posting it sometimes.

        Then again, maybe they don’t care about the backlash and feel they shouldn’t have to hide their opinion from the angry mob. Surely that’s better than people staying quiet because of some fools on Twitter spending their lives looking for someone to “cancel”?
        Boxers can't be cancelled, though. Folks will still tune in, hoping that the boxer they hate will be beaten badly.


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          Originally posted by deathofaclown View Post

          Not attacking anybody, just pointing out realities

          Part of boxing history is built on promoters cashing out on their money men at the right time, and that’s all Eddie is doing, especially now he’s seen how fragile AJ is. That’s why he’s desperate to cash him out now.

          don’t be fooled by Eddie, he’s just another promoter like Warren, Arum, King etc etc. Like he cares if AJ loses if there’s a 9 figure fee from Saudi Arabia.

          he has to say all the right things as AJ’s promoter but guess what? Promoters lie.

          Eddie knows AJ can’t win
          Did you see that podcast with Fury and Hearn? You could absolutely tell that Hearn has a massive hard-on for Fury and would love nothing better than to promote him, and you're right that Hearn absolutely knows that Fury is going to win.


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            Originally posted by miniq View Post
            There's no such thing as bad publicity

            Even if it's from your story getting hacked into by an pro Israeli shill.
            Didnt Ruiz put up the same image? It wouldn't surprise me if they were hacked accounts.


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              WHY THE ****CK IS THIS AN ISSUE??

              Israel is getting bombed with rockets, i stand with them too


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                Its called attention seeking.


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                  Originally posted by Robbie Barrett View Post

                  Jordan, Saudi Arabia call for protection of Palestinians

                  Saudi Arabia condemns attacks by Israeli forces at Al-Aqsa

                  Muslims don't like Jews bombing mosques....... hard to believe i know.

                  "The Saudi ministry of foreign affairs strongly condemns the attacks carried out by the occupation forces at Al-Aqsa mosque transgressing the safety and security of the worshippers, the statement said.
                  Saudi Arabia urged the international community to hold Israel accountable for the escalation of the events and calls for the immediate cessation of any exacerbation violating the international pacts and treaties, it added."

                  Israel ans Saudi's are buddies though.......

                  You need anymore?
                  You're an idiot. Allies have been critical of political manoeuvres made by other allies all the time. Until I see Saudis getting up and supplying arms or support to Hamas they're full of hot air.


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                    I will never support Fury again.


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                      Imagine being on Twitter