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  • i havent worked out for a good month in a half but im gonna start gettin into it again tmrw..lookin to get my pack more visible..get more definiton tho it may b hard since my doc says i cant do any upper body work for a while ( shoulder injury) ill post a pic by end of august hopefully when my stomach looks more like mayweathers

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    • damn, the pic is hella big..and i guess since the pic is mirrored, my earring is on my LEFT EAR haha not on my gay **** here
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      • Originally posted by SquareCircle View Post
        alright. time to get in shape while i recover from this hand surgery.

        the idea is to lose fat without losing muscle and get down to 225 lbs. Currently I weigh 276 lbs. so this will not be an easy task. but I am the weight loss king. It will come off gradually, naturally, and it will be tough, but I will retain all my natural power at 225 while producing faster crisper combination punching. I am not worried about building muscle or getting stronger..

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        How tall are you SquareCircle?


        • Damn I wish I would have seen this post earlier, I would have tried it with you guys. I went on a diet about a month and a half ago. I am 6'0" and weighed in at 250 lbs. I know that sounds really fat but my body is built in a real crazy way. I have a muscular build with a wide backs and shoulders. If you were to see me you would not believe I weighed that much, my bones must be made of lead or something. No one has ever guessed my weight, they usually say I weigh about 185-190, thats what I look like I weigh.

          I started boxing back again and eating right and have lost 30lbs in a month. My stomach is almost gone and I'm getting alot of definition quick.

          My diet is:

          7am-breakfast: Oatmeal & glass of fresh squeezed OJ ( not from concentrate)
          10am- snack #1: fat free yogurt or fat free pudding
          12 noon- lunch: Salad, no cheese, light dressing with veggies on salad
          3pm- meal#3: Boca burger no bread and 1/2 cup of black beans
          5pm- snack #2: fat free yogurt or fat free pudding
          7pm- dinner: 4oz of fish or chicken baked with 1/2 cup of steamed veggies
          7:30-9pm Boxing gym workout, 6 rounds of circuit training (rope,ring steps,jump rope)
          Then 6-9 rounds on heavy bag
          Finally, 30 minute speed bag workout
          9pm- snack #3: whey protein shake before bed

          I'n not a nutritionist but I would appreciate any tips on my diet.


          • I think I'll join y'all in on this, but I plan to do atleast a 3 month period. Ill try and post pics tomorrow(when ill start). If im building muscle should I use protien and creatine? And how hard do I have to work to make sure that its going to muscle not fat?


            • Originally posted by ryu89 View Post
     going back to the gym. might be a good time to try this out

              June 25, 2007(6-25-07)

              weight: 135

              Height 5'8

              ~pic later~
              whoa! time flies by, yesterday was my 6th week.

              dropped down to 128, ill try to get somephotos, but i dont see much difference =P


              • i was 170 lbs today, i haven't weighed that in a long, long time. i could almost make my old div - middleweight. feeling good, the handspeed is coming back also


                • 5'8"
                  147 lbs
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                  i just woke up so i probably look annoyed


                  • id match up nicely wit u. im 57 150. ill try to get a pic set soon, ill take one tonight n again in a few weeks after some hard training :P punchdrunk vs ceriel killa


                    • if your ever in nebraska let me know im down for a match