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  • Comments Thread For: The Canelo Wait: Line Forms Here...

    By Cliff Rold - It could be the DMV. It could be the barber shop. Everyone knows the deal when they arrive and the crowd has already formed for a first come, first serve service. You take your number and wait until you're called. Sometimes that happens quickly. Sometimes, one leaves after breakfast and gets home in time for supper. This Saturday night, IBF super middleweight titli...
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    Canelo is the only one taking risks.

    All these other guys are just sitting around playing it safe hoping they'll get the call to fight him.


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      Canelo is the man but the lack of star power from 147 to 168 is causing the sport to relay on Canelo too much. You got spence talking about going up to fight Canelo, You got Charlo talking about going up to fight Canelo, You got Andrade talking about going up to fight Canelo, You got plant ducking everything with any sign of life to not screw up his shot at Canelo.

      The sports needs fighters who can hold their own star power wise in the division.

      130-140 are after Ryan Garcia
      147-168/175 After Canelo


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        if these guys were smart, and none of them are, one of them would start calling out and fighting all of the guys that Canelo won't fight. Because I'm tried of everyone not booking fights while hoping to become Canelo's next opponent. **** is sickening and holding up 2 goddamn divisions.


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          The thing is most these guys know full well they have no chance to land Canelo fight anytime soon,but they're fans use it as an excuse anyways. Its sickening that all these supposed hungry Young lions have zero intention of taking risks & making money along the way of waiting for the payday.

          Canelo doesnt get held to a higher standard,these guys aren't held to ANY standard,theres a difference.

          They get to sit around talking big, without doing anything & Canelo is said to be ducking them. Its funny really


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            If yildrim has a great night and gets robbed on the cards we could be looking at Canelo vs. Yildrem 2 and then Yldrum the trilogy And then Canelo retires. Meanwhile, Saunders Plant and Charlo and Andrade and GGG get older and stay in place never fighting each other waiting.
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              Canelo doesnt take a risky fights himself, either its old past their primes or smaller dudes or makes sure he dehydrates his bigger opponents and makes them lithaurgic
              his next 3 opponents - Yildirim, Saunders and Plant are domestic level fighters


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                Cliff Rold and the rest of industry head honchos know that Canelo is the HNIC and the most gangsta! Mexicans are the cowboy combatants. It doesn’t get more True Grit than it.

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                  So nobody is going to risk a tough fight so they don't lose out on canelo..canelo can put pressure on them to fight.. so he has to go beat everyone because they won't fight each other


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                    Why doesn't he just do what mayweather did from 04-15 and fight the big names back to back I love that it's ok for Saunders and yildirim to bring nothing to the table and get a fight but charlo needs to be inducted into the hof before he gets a fight.