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Everlast MX Pro Gloves Now Banned in the UK?

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    Originally posted by Just Now Hit Me View Post
    I have a pair of 8 oz Everlast MX. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone; the padding is very flimsy. When you punch you can feel your knuckle connect with the heavy bag.

    In contrast I have a new pair of 16 oz Everlast training gloves which are 100x better. The padding is really good. When you punch you feel protected.
    You just went full ******


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      Originally posted by CJRock View Post
      I think you got confused That's Vegas /NSAC youre describing
      You're confused also, because it's both!


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          horsehair should be banned from boxing all together, **** is getting out of hand


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            Glad to hear this.

            A lot of people have complained about these gloves and how 'non-existent' the padding is.

            I don't care what gloves you wear, punchers will still be punchers. Golovkin flattens people in Grant gloves, as do many others.

            They should get it sorted and have everyone wear the same gloves: solves any potential issues, removes gloves that are highly contentious and as I said, the punchers will still be punchers.


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              Originally posted by LarryXXX View Post
              Mayweather changed the game
              yeap he ****ed everytihng up... now evey1 thinks they are the commission and promoters instead of fighters... im hope u are proud of him. Our next years of boxing will be full of divas and crybabies.

              Like nicholas walters said post fight: "Floyd doesnt knockout any1 he just wins"
              Great role model.... like every fighter now wants to be boring, flashy, beat woman up, axe for gloves, axe for blood, axe for no PPV, axe for no gate, axe for a guaranteed amount, axe for no bob arum......

              Thank You Floyd. The sport i love turned into a ballet dancing with the stars where boxers dance more than they fight and they are rewarded... but its boxing doe. At least have golovkin to keep us entertained.


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                look at all the ghetto Floyd fans agreeing.... pathetic.

                We have some ******ed ghetto floyd fans who instead of just watch and learn from floyd fights, this idiots learn from what he says.... How can yall listen to floyd? the dude is fuking ******ed outside the ring. he cant read, he cant take his own kids to school, he cant help his kids with school.

                You guys are acting as ******ed as floyd himself. Some ghetto mtfer in here using 8 ounce fighting gloves to hit the heavy bag!!! of course you are going to feel ur knuckles u ******ed ghetto piece of sh8t
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                  Originally posted by Easy Work. View Post
                  Whats the problem with these gloves?
                  Those were the gloves that would have knock Floyd out but he cried like a b1tch so that Madaina wouldn't wear them cause he knew he would have been left to a beaten pulp had Madaina wore them


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                    Originally posted by Just Now Hit Me View Post
                    You appear to be the feather-minded one here. Apparently reading and comprehension is not your strong suit. It's my fault for expecting other posters to make logical inferences. I apologize for not spelling it out for you, since you're too busy looking for security guard openings so that you can pay child support for your fifth baby mama.
                    The irony of a floyd fan saying:

                    "child support"

                    Not only Floyd cant spell those words but hes a feather puncher, cant read, im sure he doesnt know what the word "compehension" means and has 4-5 children to support.


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                      Originally posted by HanzGruber View Post
                      The British are terrified of everything. No surprise
                      I think you're a good poster and you've made me laugh hard since May2 and I like you but come on, I'm presuming you're American? The USA population is the most scared people's of all time lol.

                      Your media scaremongers you all daily and you're culture is based on fear and self defence lol.