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Everlast MX Pro Gloves Now Banned in the UK?

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    Originally posted by Damaged Petals View Post
    They're horsehair gloves which are commission approved but people have been complaining ever since Floyd made a big deal about it when Chino tried to wear them.

    The thing is, Cleto Reyes gloves are also horsehair gloves so I'm not sure what the big deal it.

    I honestly believe Brook and Hearn are scared as hell. Of Rios nonetheless, I mean he's not even a big puncher.
    The competition Cleto's are half horsehair, half foam. I think there's a full horsehair model as well, but you gotta know where to buy them.

    A few guys at my gym have the Everlast MX in 16's and even then the knuckle protection is shyt. God knows how 8's feel late in a fight when the padding begins breaking down. I could see the need for a puncher's glove or people that like to feel their knuckles in their gloves, but those MX's are really pushing it as far as using it to hit people. We aren't savages.
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      Good, boxing is dangerous enough as is. You can knock someone out with a standard set of boxing gloves. If a fighter feels the need to use gloves that have minimal padding around the knuckles, he'd be better off working on his technique and conditioning.


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        Originally posted by LacedUp View Post
        You're a stupid plonker because you're talking about things you know nothing about.

        Do you think Eddie Hearn is head of the commission? Kell Brook has fought multiple guys who wore those gloves incl. Shawn Porter. Honestly, if you think Kell Brook is afraid of Brandon Rios or those gloves..

        I don't know what to tell you. With that level of stupidity; life's going to be tough for you.
        Porter wore Powerlocks not MX against brook


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          Originally posted by Kagami Taiga View Post
          Fighters can't be relied on to make decisions that impact their health or the health of others. There's a reason for why it's illegal to take the padding out of gloves. If a glove is not fit for the purposes of boxing legally, it should be removed. Boxing is dangerous enough without unnecessary damage done by I'll regulated safety gear.
          The commissions tightening up regulation and establishing a glove rubric, is different than limiting boxers to only one type/brand of glove. Let's look at this weekend: Walters/Marriaga wore Reyes, Wilder/Verdejo/Najera wore Everlast, and Molina/Lara/Rodriguez wore Grants.

          If the American commissions feel as strongly as the UK about these particular type of Everlast gloves, then they'll follow suit and prohibit fighters from using them. Rios will just have to find some other glove to use against Brook, plain and simple.


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            Originally posted by Damaged Petals View Post
            Saw this in a thread, picture courtesy of user Issac Clarke.

            Once again Mayweather cleans up the sport.


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                Originally posted by HanzGruber View Post
                The British are terrified of everything. No surprise
                So Mayweather was terrified?

                That's very honest of you to admit.


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                  To many fragile jaws in the UK its understadible


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                    Originally posted by imperial1 View Post
                    To many fragile jaws in the UK its understadible
                    glass everywhere to go with that tea and crupmets


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                      Originally posted by STAX ON DECK View Post
                      glass everywhere to go with that tea and crupmets