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  • Comments Thread For: Chavez Jr: Gennady Golovkin is The Best Option Right Now

    Former WBC middleweight champion Julio César Chávez Jr. (48-1-1, 32KOs) has no problem with the formal offer which Top Rank presented to him, to face IBO/WBA middleweight champion Genaddy Golovkin (29-0, 26KOs) on July 12 at the Forum in Inglewood, California. Golovkin will move up to 168-pounds for the fight.

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  • #2
    This guy is what boxing needs!!!! He would fight anyone!!

    Ward needs get his promotion sorted because Chavez is the money fight he needs!


    • #3
      Chavez as much as I criticize him, is really getting my support with this fight. He wants Martinez in the fall too..

      This fight just saved tthe summer.


      • #4
        sounds like Chavez is finally ready to throw away his bag of weed and finally get serious about boxing.


        • #5
          Now let's see what GGG says. If I were him, I would rather fight the winner of Cotto vs. Martinez @ 160. Chavez Jr. might be too much for him @ 168.


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            If he stayed in shape in between fights like he's suppose to he wouldn't need 3 months.

            Having said that though, I hope this fight gets made. It will either elevate Chavez or end him once and for all.


            • #7
              Would love to see how GGG reacts to one of Chavez Jr's shots. He hasn't fought at 168 before so it would be a step up for him. Could be a really good fight.


              • #8
                You just can't hate on Chavez jr. He will fight anybody and give a good fight. Only thing you may be able to criticize him for is the weight thing as he's been known to come in weighing around 175 fight night but he's always a fun watch.


                • #9
                  Not to hate but I won't at all be surprised if GGGs team turns this down, goes on an easier route and people try make out Chavez Jr is terrified.

                  Make it happen GGG, no 160 b/s knowing he can't make it anymore.


                  • #10
                    We'll see if Chavez still thinks this is the best option after the fight, assuming it happens.