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Comments Thread For: Fury Too Flawed For All-Time Greatness, But Perfectly Flawed For Fan-Friendliness

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    Originally posted by Nash out View Post
    1. His career is not done yet.
    2. Many had him beating Usyk.
    3. He could still beat Usyk 2-1 in a trilogy (could)
    4. He loses a very close fight to another ATG and suddenly he is second-tier? Yet...
    5. Lennox Lewis gets knocked out by two boxers not in Usyk's class and it's swept under the rug? And I could pick out similar in every 'Elite' boxer you mentioned.

    Usyk AND Fury are up there with any of them...Ever! If two greats fight, barring the rare draw, SOMEBODY has to lose.

    So, let's say with your 1 and 2, by your logic, if Ali beat Louis, then Louis is suddenly second rate too.

    People, I keep telling you all. Learn from the Great Nash. He's taught me everything I know about boxing. Nash out
    Thank you.
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      Nash out
      Well said. Totally agree.
      So many clowns let their pathetic hatred for certain fighters' personalites affect their opinion of their in ring accomplishments.

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        Originally posted by Roberto Vasquez View Post
        Fury is the perfect fan fighter because he makes a lot of noise - is entertaining and almost never fights anyone good.

        I would say it's really because of Fury's record. He has only defended his title 4 times (?) and has now fought only THREE top-10 guys in 8 years.

        Fury could have 4 losses by now but if had he beat a ton of top level fighters - he would be an ATG for sure.

        Look at how Uysk did it - fought AJ twice within 5 minutes of arriving in HW division and then chased Fury for a fight. Fury even went to MMA to try to avoid him.
        Forget the WBC paper title. Fury defended the most important and prestigious title in the whole of boxing - the Lineal HW title - 11 times since he won it from Wlad, and is now 9 - 1 - 1 in lineal title defences.


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          I'm pretty certain Mike Tyson is considered an all time great, even though he's also probably one of the most overhyped, overrated athletes in history. I guess his biggest win is against Spinks (another blown up cruiserweight), and against a 38 year old, two years retired Larry Holmes. He got sparked by Lewis and dominated twice by the five years older Holyfield (and only bit his ear in the second fight as a way out of getting knocked out again). Got destroyed by Buster Douglas and knocked out by Danny Williams and Kevin McBride. And please save me all the pRiMe MiKe tYsOn stuff. I swear I've never seen anyone whose fans make more excuses. The reality is he got taken the distance and started getting exposed FOUR TIMES prior to getting knocked out by Douglas at a ripe old age of 23. Never fought Bowe, Moorer, Foreman, Mercer, Morrison, Cooper... I feel like he would almost certainly be judged much more harshly in 2024. These days you're overrated and crap as soon as you lose a fight. In boxing anyway...
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            Originally posted by hugh grant View Post
            All fighters look bad when.losing, that's when the "I told you all along he was overated" comments surface.. Fury can get a few wins and all will be firgiven. It's how you come back from loss
            Agree with everything you said besides the first sentence. Many fighters can still "look good" losing. Ward-Gatti, Rios-Alvado 1&2 (yeah Alvarado "looked bad" in the 3rd), etc, etc. It's all about guys who show big heart. Not many people have a bigger heart in the ring than Fury does. He's never been nailed to the canvas, and has got back up and continued strong every time he's been knocked down. If he carried himself better and was more humble everyone would love him. It's his (and his family's) out of ring antics that cause many to hate and criticize him.


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              That’s was a very good article.


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                Originally posted by Haka View Post
                That coke binge/ eating binge after Wlad was his biggest downfall. Instead of improving after that Wlad win he declined. Also I think at this stage of his career he has become too rich/ too much invested as a family man instead of a hungry fighter. If the Fury after Wlad kept on improving he would pose trouble for most fighters on the ATG list because he is a real pain to deal with due to his size, boxing skills and grit. Usyk got him at the right time that is all.
                And let's not sweep the PED test fail for steroids, and subsequent ban, under the carpet either, like so many seem to want to do.


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                  I digress. You want an action packed heavyweight fight, look up Corrie Sanders vs Vitali Klitschko. That was a barn burner fight. I think it was rd2 that was nuts, but there was plenty of awesome exchanges while it lasted.


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                    He's had an excellent career, a bit of greatness there you could say for sure.

                    He has a lot of money, gazillions, not Mayweather earnings maybe but huge paydays. I'm sure he'll want to fight one more time, only for Usyk, win, lose or draw.

                    Perhaps even squeeze another fight out of him, with Joshua, but he might not want to continue after this year.


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                      Fury's biggest flaw is that he read his press clippings and believed them. Like a lot of people are saying here, his career isn't over. It's too bad Emanuel Steward isn't around to show him how to effectively use his size. It's great that he can move well for a guy his size, but he shouldn't have to. He has a great jab, and should have been able to keep Usyk on the outside. Clinch when he got too close. Beating Usyk isn't out of the question if the rematch happens. He needs to tighten up his defense and take advantage of his size. He wasn't fighting smart.