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Comments Thread For: Fury Too Flawed For All-Time Greatness, But Perfectly Flawed For Fan-Friendliness

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    Originally posted by TheOneAboveAll View Post
    ~ "Fury is an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a spare tire."

    This man will win the Pulitzer one day.
    he chose to fight on the back foot. that was letting Usyk push the pace and Fury counter.
    But when Fury got some success countering, he should have increased the intensity.


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      i think people like to pick Usyk because he represents an intelligent approach to boxing. But its all 'grey area' stuff.
      I'm impressed by what he does too. But i don't fully understand how he does it.
      I was routing for usyk a little bit due to him being an underdog, especially during the fight.
      But i was impressed by how Fury took this result and his reaction since.
      I think he's going to show why he's an all-time great (could be a champ in any era).


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        He is terribly uncoordinated.
        Dirty, sloppy.......
        He just happens to be fighting in a terribly awful HW era -
        1 legit HOFer, Usyk
        Fury and AJ might sneak in.....eventually.