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Usyk got knocked out in his last fight

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    Originally posted by The plunger man View Post
    Fury got beat by a boxing novice so what’s your point ?
    Strawman argument, Fury has nothing to do with this topic.
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      Originally posted by Mash121 View Post
      Well going by that Fury was KO'd by Wilder. He was lucky the referee gave more than a 10 count.

      So both defeated.
      He was up at 8, so no it's not the same

      Usyk was down for about 3 minutes
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        It was a low blow.
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          Originally posted by denium View Post
          There's nothing you can say to convince me otherwise.

          Mmmhmmmm...and ***** won the last U.S election.


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            Originally posted by famicommander View Post
            It was a low blow.
            It was on the belt line though. All pics and videos show it

            some ref may call it legal, some won't.

            Either way, it wasn't in the nuts was it? Around the belt line means it was still to the body, whether it low or not in the refs eyes is only relevant to the result, it still doesn't change the fact he couldn't handle a shot to the body around the belt line area.

            He's simply lucky the ref deemed the belt line to be low. Some wouldn't.

            if you get hit in the nuts, that's another thing but if you wanna call this shot low then its about 2cm low at most. If you're getting folded with a shot 2cm below the belt line then you clearly are fragile around the body

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              I just rewatched Usyk-Joshua 1. Joshua landed monstrous body shots on Usyk multiple times and he took them. If that can't convince you, I don't know what else. Body shots can hurt any fighter who doesn't see them coming, but there is really zero evidence that Usyk is weak to the body. Based on this 50/50 call of whether it was low or not and probaby Usyk leaning into it a bit much to get extra time, that punch was no where near as bad as the body shots Joshua landed on him and he walked right through them.

              I know some folks don't want evidence or proof because it requires work, just like going to the gym does to get results. Rewatch Usyk-AJ 1 and the evidence is right there.


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                Got hit on the edge of the protection which distributed the force.


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                  Originally posted by -DSG- View Post
                  Fury got dropped and beaten up by a mixed martial artist.
                  Both things are true.


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                    People,saying it’s not a low blow have never worn a protective cup…..if a punch lands on it and then pulls it up with force that will cause the cup to rise and cause pain.
                    it was ruled a low blow by the ref because it landed on the cup it’s that simple but we will never know if usyk was hurt to the body or it was on the nutsack…..,go by the official ruling lol


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                      Usyk should have been ko'ed from that body shot. He went down in a heap and his body looked hurt, but he was acting like he was hit low. The ref also saved him and gave him ample time to rest. I always liked usyk and praised him for his skills, but his integrity took a massive hit in that fight.
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