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Comments Thread For: Did Bigger Make Better? Ryan Garcia Overpowers Devin Haney in Shocker

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  • Madison Boxing
    Originally posted by Stuntman Mike View Post

    Not for hardcore boxing fans it aint

    This was a 50/50 fight

    Put him back in with tank at 140 with no rehydration clause and that would be a 50/50 fight aswell

    Can you imagine how much life that clause and the injury ****** out of him?

    Garcia is the real deal and has a chance of hurting any fighter he steps in the ring with
    Come on man , I looked at boxing journalist, ex fighter predictions and 99 percent of them were picking haney, most in a one sided win... the odd person said garcia might land a huge shot out of nowhere and end it but noone was picking garcia via decision, it was a huge shock garcia winning

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  • anonymous2.0
    You know what, maybe violins ain't so ******.

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  • factsarenice
    Luke Campbell seemed to be the only guy that saw this coming

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  • whitevick
    Originally posted by DClefthook View Post
    Ringggg...ringgg...rin....Bill: hello this is Nappy daddy Haney.. Haymon: hello Bill this is Al....Bill: he.he.hello Mr Haymon um I was wondering if you had time to talk about my son fighting Tank Davi......Haymon: No need to talk Bill Tank is going to rematch Ryan later this year on Amazon Prime and they will probably make 200 million each. Have a great life Bill and enjoy the rest of your son's career with Hearn idiot CLICK.....Bill: but but wait wait I wanna talk nooooooooo!!!!
    Sir, are you okay? You're on an unhinged prolonged run of bootlicking a company. I hope you're getting paid for it, I hope you're on their payroll, really. Otherwise, it's very sad. An alleged adult is acting like a fangirl of a company.

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  • dan-b
    Originally posted by Oldskoolg View Post
    Did not expect that, it appears the weight was the right gamble for Garcia. Perhaps he should move to welterweight proper. Perhaps a big fight with Ennis since both are on dazn now
    Yes! Garcia - Ennis is a great matchup. Set it up with Ennis beating his mandatory in style.
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  • Toffee
    Originally posted by turnedup View Post

    bro, I get you need to cope right now but how many names on haneys resume were smaller men than him? Funny when fans say it was why someone won literally twenty minutes after the fighter who lost says it didn’t. If you need this cope go for it, yes, we have weight divisions, it’s three pounds and he got 1.5 million for it.
    Not sure what I would need to cope with. I had no dog in this fight - just an interest in the fight itself.

    But you can't tell me you think making weight but being bigger on fight night is the same as not making weight.

    That win proves lots of things. We all saw the fight. I never said it was the reason for the win. But the outcome also has an asterisk and rightly so. And Garcia is the person who put the asterisk there by not making the weight.

    If 3 pounds doesn't make a difference then he should have just made weight. You don't miss by 3.2 pounds on a misjudgment - it goes right through his camp over a long period.

    It's why he's now not a champion.

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  • Charles83
    We all thought Haney was great until he was thrashed by Lomachenko and now he is beaten up by Garcia. Wow.

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  • iceman1
    So glad Haney got his ass handed to him
    Ryan G doing what he had to
    bring on a rematch with Tank, because a rematch with Haney will only go one again
    and at least his father will be quiet now the douche
    and maybe do the fight in summer not straight after Ramadan and the fasting etc
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  • GoldenBackHand
    Ryan beat that bum and the referee from pillar to post.. made nearly $3k off the fight.. salute to King Ryan

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  • JonDP
    I for one I said it all along, Haney is not all that. And his obnoxious poppa has been humbled.
    Last edited by JonDP; 04-21-2024, 07:35 AM.
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