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Comments Thread For: Holyfield Giving Oleksandr Usyk a Strong Shot To Shock Tyson Fury

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  • Comments Thread For: Holyfield Giving Oleksandr Usyk a Strong Shot To Shock Tyson Fury

    Former world champion Evander Holyfield is giving Oleksandr Usyk a good shot at shocking Tyson Fury and walking away with the undisputed heavyweight crown.
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    I can definitely see Usyk beating Fury.
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      Usyk WILL beat him and comfortably.

      People are just way too caught up on Furys size and him still living off win years & years back against a tailor-made opponent who was in truth past it, had all kind of issues and never threw a damn punch.

      Just a product of this era. He can't box he is a big, uncoordinated galoot.

      This fight won't even be close, its a terrible match for Fury stylistically.


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        It depends on what Tyson Fury shows up.

        Is it the guy prepared to do war like he did against Wilder or is it the unfocused mental case that we saw against Wallin & Ngannou.
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          At this point only Fury beats himself.


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            Originally posted by Shadoww702 View Post
            At this point only Fury beats himself.
            We know the judges won't..


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              Holyfield probably should have got the win against the giant Valuev, but Valuev was not near the boxer Fury can be.
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                Fury lost a lot against Wilder, fighters aren’t the same after those wars. Plus Fury ain’t young, I got USYK comfortably.


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                  If Usyk wins, everybody will say they saw it coming. I'm not critical on the human level, but in the boxing sense. Fury is a slob, he's not living the life. Usyk lives sane, Fury has to get into shape.
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                    I can see this happening, especially based on what we recently saw, but one thing you can't deny about Fury, he rises to the occasion and comes up big when he has to.

                    That said, if a cruiser turned heavy, that doesn't have one punch KO power, takes the undisputed HW title, he won't keep it very long, even if the IBF doesn't strip him.