Former world champion Evander Holyfield is giving Oleksandr Usyk a good shot at shocking Tyson Fury and walking away with the undisputed heavyweight crown.

Like Holyfield, Usyk became the undisputed world champion at cruiserweight and later moved up to the heavyweight division.

Holyfield became the undisputed champion at cruiserweight and heavyweight - in the three belt era.

Usyk accomplished his cruiserweight feat in the four belt era - and aims to topple Fury to mirror the same accomplishment one division north.

Fury-Usyk is targeted to take place on a date in February of 2024 in Saudi Arabia.

Fury enters the ring with a significant advantage in size and reach, but Usyk is certainly the faster fighter and some may argue the better boxer.

“It should be a great fight and hand speed will be crucial. Who can get off the most punches. Usyk has got a lot going for him and he is left handed," Holyfield told the WBC.

“Fury has done so well so many times and styles make fights. When a person who fights a big man, is quicker and can take big shots you can win. Yet if you get hit it may be over. Life is about not quitting. I truly believe Usyk has that no quit mentality, so he is going to be in there. A fine balance for this one.

“For me and my career, it was a phase of life. During it I did my very best and now that it’s over, I’m kind of glad it’s over. During it, you have to love winning and be willing to go through what others won’t, because each and every time you go in the ring you think about what you have got to do to get that far. People who get there don’t quit!”