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Comments Thread For: Tim Bradley: "Errol Spence Is Running From Terence Crawford"

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  • Comments Thread For: Tim Bradley: "Errol Spence Is Running From Terence Crawford"

    Errol Spence Jr. might be known as one of the more successful pugilistic stars in recent times but in the mind of Tim Bradley, the current unified champion at 147 pounds is nothing more than a track star.
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    Cap season.


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      As a guy who exclusively fought guys on “his side of the street” you’d think Bradley would have a much better understanding of how the business of boxing works.

      I like Tim but this is a ****** comment from a guy of his standing.


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        Bradley is a midget with an annoying voice who had a marginal career. He shouldn’t have even smelled BHOF


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          I nornally wouldn't agree but this whole Thurman thing at 154 has me agreeing somewhat. If Spence looks good at 154 he is not going back down.


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            Although it might be true.
            I can't believe that Bradley would give us his Unbiased opinion.

            Bradley admitted before that he's the one who phoned Brad Goodman to sign Crawford after using him in sparring.

            I'm sure Crawford credits Bradley for hooking him up TR and it's something Bradley is really proud of.
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              Too bad Bradley has no credibility, since...

              AFTER RETIRING he once called prime Broner a come back "tune up"...

              Broner got approval and called him out...

              and Bradley would proceed to invent "other side of the street" to openly duck him.

              When Bradley ran up on him later, he was in instant simp mode, completely shut down Broner talking about them fighting and redirected the conversation.


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                its funny how balls get bigger after the fighting is over!?
                sounds like remorse to me.


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                  Bradley talking out of his a** trying to put all the cowards at top rank and his bosses at ESPN in a good light...


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                    Last i seen Crawford declined the fight without telling Spence then signed to BLK and fought Avanesyan i don't really blame him for taking that purse but hows it Spence's fault?