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Comments Thread For: DAZN: Canelo-Golovkin III Generated 1.06 Million 'Worldwide' Buys

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  • Comments Thread For: DAZN: Canelo-Golovkin III Generated 1.06 Million 'Worldwide' Buys

    The 1st Canelo-GGG fight did 1.3M PPV buys in the US. The rematch did 1.1M PPV buys in the US. The 3rd is going to be between 550k-575k in the US, per sources. DAZN's announcement of 1.06M is PPV buys for the ENTIRE WORLD. Apples to oranges.
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    Some idiots thought that DAZN was on minus due to "only US buys". Lol.
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      I did think the pay-per-view seemed very pricey, before the rather disappointing fight that it was

      I think that price and Canelo and Golovkin's huge salaries were based on their two previous fights, which were excellent.

      And credit to them, because few fighters ever get to that point to earn so much money, whether in a trilogy or not.

      I watched it live, but I didnt use the dazn app. Doesn't mean I pirated, perhaps I saw it at a friend's place, but I'll keep that private.

      I wonder sometimes how Dazn can pay these guys such huge sums, particularly Canelo and Golovkin over the past few years.


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        Fake numbers let’s see what Nielsen has to say lmao. No one bought that garbage
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          If Canelo/GGG 3 did 500k+ in the States I would attribute it to the Golovkin's inactivity. I love GGG and am a huge fan, but he was 3-0 since the Canelo rematch while the latter was 7-1. Canelo was far busier and already has a big name. Golovkin is a name too, but after the controversial rematch loss, he could have stayed busier to remain relevant in the public eye.


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            They still got payed big bucks. How many buys did Spence do vs Ugas? 240 K in the US.
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              I suppose this is the 'beauty' of streaming services v regular TV networks. Very little overheads and worldwide buys.

              I think DAZN will be delighted by this. Got to be a fair few people who hadn't heard of DAZN that do now.

              Streaming services are probably where the future is heading (maybe not DAZN, but they probably have the right idea - if they can get a big sport alongside it). You can do huge worldwide buys and it'll only grow.
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                No way to slice it, that’s a bad number for this fight.
                With what both fighters are getting paid they took a bath on this one.
                Doubt the PPV upside was that much.
                Seems like ever since HBO got out of boxing it’s been tough for these other promoters to sell a big PPV event. Seemed the HBO hype machine was the best at getting these guys over with the casuals.
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                  But Edward Hearn said ppv was dead !


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                    "B-b-b-but DAZN need tuh FIRE Eddie cuz he be losin' dem money for every fight. Pay Puh View dead. Dey bouts to go out of business doe!" -every other fucktard on NSB

                    Go back to what you were doing.