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  • M312
    replied to Haney has no defense
    Haney was definitely surprised everytime Ryan threw a flurry, his anticipation was poor and Ryan did a good job disguising the flurries by doing little in between them. Just burst into life and Devin had no answer.

    Weird fight, but a fun one to watch.
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  • Ready to cop what? Childish insults on the Internet? Tough guy lol

    The truth clearly does hurt ...
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  • I have an agenda? lol

    I said he doesn't have great chin, doesn't have power, and actually his skill probably isnt good enough as Garcia surprised him with flurries constantly.

    I'm a fan of boxing, not either of these two.

    You however, are spamming the board saying...
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  • Clearly you have an agenda so pointless conversation, but he got caught clean multiple times and didn't get stopped.

    He obviously doesn't have a great chin, but it's hardly as bad as you wish to make out.

    A lot of boxers would have been stopped being hit that clean so often....
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  • The problem isn't Devins chin. He kept getting up.

    It's his lack of power.

    He just couldn't hurt Ryan, and Garcia could open up whenever he wanted to without fear of whats coming back.
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