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    I know he will never fight them ,but I would like to see him take on the young lions Dubious and Anderson, a win over either of them would be a real statement, and a loss would catapult the young fighters career.


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      My question for Wilder his fans and family; Why?
      We the people and fans of real boxing don’t miss your ass! Go back home and blame the milk man, paperboy, your trainer for banging your girl. Although it may not be true your dumb A(sS) don’t need evidence. Breland did it!

      a(sS) wipe


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        Originally posted by Roberto Vasquez View Post

        Not that laughable. Fury visited the canvas twice in their third fight....
        He was talking about the 1st fight. Wilder fans predicted spectacular KO win for Fury and of course it didn’t happen.
        2nd abs 3rd fight Fury destroyed your boy Wilder so yes it is laughable


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          He's entertaining because he has concussive power, because he's flawed as a fighter and because he will keep trying to win until his body gives up (before his will).

          I welcome Wilder back into the ranks. I think there are alot of interesting matchups out there for him. I imagine he will be in against the likes of a Jermaine Franklin, Carlos Takam or some other vulnerable name with a decent record. After that let him take on Ruiz, Martin, etc.


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            I hope that statue is anatomically correct. That way, ppl can see the ice cream scoop- sized dent on the side of his dome


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              He's still better than AJ.


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                Originally posted by Oregonian View Post
                He was talking about the 1st fight. Wilder fans predicted spectacular KO win for Fury and of course it didn’t happen.
                2nd abs 3rd fight Fury destroyed your boy Wilder so yes it is laughable
                I always thought Fury was just too big for Wilder both skeletal and mass wise, he out weighed him by as much as up to 50lbs, but I think most refs would have ruled that 1st fight a KO after Fury went down in the 12th. We've seen fights stopped for less...

                If the shoe was on the other foot and it was Wilder that had went down like that in the UK the ref would have waved it off for sure, but ultimately in the end Fury proved he was much bigger and better than Wilder..

                Despite getting KO'ed I think Wilder gave a lot more than Klitschko did
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                  The problem is he's exhausted most of the PBC stable in the States and he's too terrified to fight anyone or anywhere else, maybe the PBC can buy in a Warren fighter to a PBC contract.

                  Owen Beck is looking for a rematch.


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                    Many fighters have taken ass whoopings a lot worse than Deontay Wilder just to come back even stronger. Just take Evander Holyfied for example: After those two ass whoopings from Riddick Bowe and couple that with his loss to Michael Mooorer;

                    Everyone was counting Holyfield out by saying that he was washed up and should retire just for him to come back and defeat Mike Tyson not only once but twice.


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                      Originally posted by JakeTheBoxer View Post
                      Wilder getting a terrible beating in the second and the third Fury fight are my favorite boxing memories ever.
                      For heavyweights that is an eternity. It's not like he is a 115lber who throws more than 1200 punches per fight. Those type of fighters tend to age quickly as they get older because they lack the punching power.

                      As long as Wilder can still hit. He shall always remain dangerous and a threat in the Heavyweight division. Remember, that he dropped Tyson Fury twice in his very last fight and he was supposed to have been a washed up and a ruined fighter by then.

                      So tell me how could that have happened; For a shot fighter to knock down the best Heavyweight to ever lived not just once but twice in his very last fight?
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