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Comments Thread For: Hearn Explains Why Pay-Per-View Will Be Needed on DAZN For Unique Events

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    Originally posted by Mr Giggles View Post
    Eddie ‘PPV is dead’ hearn.

    this guy speaks so much BS it defies belief
    You are absolutely correct. He did say that!


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      Geez who coulda seen that coming?

      Obviously the initial idea of getting major fights for streaming service costs instead of extortionate PPV is great, but DAZN has been very hit and miss overall and this is just the icing on the cake. I dont think they will be around by the end of the decade tbh, unless they start getting rights to much bigger sports anyway.


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        Where are all the sweet carolines who have berated every boxing fan who didn’t fall for the Eddie Hearn okiedoke the last few years???? I see a shortage of Hearn arse lickers in this thread
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          Is anyone truly surprised at this!? it's truly naïve thinking you could trust a word that comes out of any promoters mouth, it's laughable at best they're all shysters.


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            Eugh...I had an interview with DAZN for a developer related role. They come off as tossers. I honestly give the platform about five years before its either bought out or just crumbles entirely.


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              Originally posted by mawoodhouse View Post
              Does anyone actually PAY for PPV anymore? Lol must be about 20 years or more since I paid for a fight ….actually I think the last fight I actually paid for was Tyson vs Lewis, so not quite 20 years. I refuse to pay those absorbent prices when I can find a free stream…seems kinda ridiculous!
              Well done you


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                Originally posted by kushking View Post
                This is as rétarded as rétarded gets,Dazn is going bankrupt the writing is on the wall,nobody wants to pay a subscription for shtty fights on top of ppv
                Are you happy that they're going bankrupt?

                If it's true, is that a good thing or bad thing for boxing?

                Coupled with we have all these promotional wars and can barely get a good fight.

                I wouldn't be clamoring for any boxing company to go bankrupt. It's like shooting myself in the foot.


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                  I don’t know why posters didn’t see this coming.

                  I completely get you want to bring in new fans. I don’t know if that is done just by offering a stream of fights people don’t care about.

                  You need to market toward fans and many fans only come to boxing for the big fights and they do it through ppv.

                  Espn seems to do this right with MMA. Big event on ppv, smaller cards on stream or main network.


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                    Eddie Hearn is learning the ropes.
                    As Showtime Espinoza said, PPV is a tool to make fights happen.
                    Fights that would not have otherwise happen. It's explained here:

                    "Pay Per View is a tool..." - Espinoza


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                      What happened to "PPV being dead" Eddie?