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Spence looked awful vs danny garcia

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    Originally posted by just the facts View Post

    This third person garbage is bu!!shyte. Knock it the fa ck off already. You come off sounding like a douche bag and that makes your opinion that of a straight up clown.
    Nash is like the Rock. He pulls it off. Nash out.


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      Originally posted by IceTrayDaGang View Post

      and spence couldnt stop 135lbs mikey!! hate? that's a strong word. find a hate post from me for spence?

      i am only challenging his fans when they try to downplay pac but hype spence up.
      If Pac goes into survival mode like Mikey did, he'll hear the final bell too but Pac will lose a very lopsided decision like Mikey did.
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        Danny Garcia just didn't press the action enough. He was trying to time Spence with one of those no look left hook counter of his.
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          Originally posted by just the facts View Post

          If Pac goes into survival mode like Mikey did, he'll hear the final bell too but Pac will lose a very lopsided decision like Mikey did.
          This is the correct answer.


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            Beautiful thing is, we're a Month Away (HOPEFULLY if Covid doesn't stop it) so we get to find out just how "BAD SPENCE JR IS ALL OF A SUDDEN BECAUSE HE FIGHTING PACQUIAO"

            It is just ZERO Logic used on this FORUM, just all Personal Feelings


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              DSG has an elite level chin, so KO’ing him or hurting him badly is out of the question as long as he is not shot. DSG’s chin reminds of Shane Mosley’s chin.

              Also, no matter what fans think about DSG, opponents still have to be careful of his counters. As a fan who will never face him, you can say anything you want or criticize what ever performance you want of his. But DSG’s opponents, they need to be aware that despite all flaws and how slow he is, he has an elite level chin and can punch.

              So the gameplan vs DSG, the smart gameplan, would be to box him. And on top of that, Spence is not exactly a KO artist. So why go in there and try exchange with a guy with the chin and power of DSG. Matthysse, according to everyone, was supposed make quick work of DSG. 3-6 round KO. Unfortunately, Matthysse’s biggest power punches, right on the button, were unimpressive to DSG. Given that DSG’s reaction to the punches looked like it was Paulie Malignaggi in there landing them. He wasn’t even shaking his head or doing any taunting like fighters do when they get caught with something good and want to play it off like that didn’t hurt. He literally had no reaction to the punches. Like he was boxing vs his kid or something.


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                The best I have seen ESJ was against Showtime Porter and he barely won that fight. Porter is a strong good fighter but he isn't a marquee name for a reason.

                Some pointers on Porter (ESJ arguably best fight)

                1. Strong
                2. Good conditioning
                3. Agressive
                4. Above average experience

                1. Basic fighter/Predictable
                2. Average punching power
                3. Bad defense
                Said that, I consider Manny a bad match up for ESJ. ESJ has too many good things but he is too slow for Pacquiao, is flat footed and has 0 heat movement. If that don't scare you, what will?

                For me this is a 50/50 fight but still I will favor Pacquiao's experience, speed Power and angles to win this fight on points.
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                  He looked pretty good for someone coming off a big layoff and a brutal car crash that should have killed him


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                    Danny fought to survive. Avoided damage and refused to throw any combinations or let his hands go, in fear of getting caught by Spence.

                    So, no, Spence did not look terrible. He dominated Danny but wasn't as sharp as he could've been, for obvious reasons, but still got the convincing W by making Danny afraid to fight.
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                      Originally posted by DoubleMM View Post
                      Lamont peterson beat up danny worse then spence. Danny was ckose to being stopped by feather first.

                      didnt that mexican plumber beat danny up with the jab had him leaking like a faucet?

                      Who else am i missing

                      Spence looked awful vs garcia. In fact it looked like he ran out of gas in that fight. For a guy who supposedly gets stronger as the fjght goes on and has good stamina. His stamina was **** vs garcia. He ran in the 12th snd faded.

                      he was also noticeably fatigued late in the mikey fight. His punches had no steam in em.
                      For being in a car accident of that caliber. I was surprised he looked that good.