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Spence looked awful vs danny garcia

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    Originally posted by Roadblock View Post

    Yeah we know Manny walks on water carrying all you're listed ailments, but he hasn't got a lisp and arthritis in his finger, so he is really near the top of his game at about 85-90%, so if Spence takes him out its a good win for Spence, while you're throwing roses around Manny give Spence his dues if he gets the win.

    But thinking about it if Manny gets beat badly you won't be here, that why you're milking it first, I see where you're at lol.
    why so butthurt?

    if spence can beat the very old, past prime, part time boxer, 2 years inactive and full time senator pac without controversy then he's a certified ATG and should be the no. 1 lb4lb and i will a fan of spence.