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I always thought Joe Joyce sucked and he does

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  • I always thought Joe Joyce sucked and he does

    But in one of those cool Margarito type ways of sucking. Despite sucking, I'd pick maybe 3 heavyweights to beat him. He'd put Joshua on his bike for sure.

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    Wilder would be the worst style match up for him.


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      Fury by clear UD.


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        Joyce is going to have a short career me thinks.
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          Originally posted by Mammoth View Post
          Fury by clear UD.
          That's the fight I'd like to see. How many guys walk straight at Fury? Would be interesting.


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            Not his best outing but he seems to find a way. Not many will beat him. He will probably be 38 before he gets his shot at one of the big guys so time is against him.

            I know he beat him in wsb but hrgovic could be a bad fight for him
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              yeah I wanna see Joyce vs Wilder. Wilder's 1 punch concussive power vs Giant Olmec head Joyce, who will win? lol


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                He absolutely sucks but the only fighter I'd feel comfortable picking over him is Usyk and maybe Fury - but he's maybe just wrong for Fury also?

                I'd favour Usyk 9/10 times I think he has the footwork, angles, cardio speed to neutralise him.
                I'd favour Wilder to level him, Fury and possibly Whyte to catch him with that left hook but I wouldn't bank on it.

                I don't even understand him his head doesn't even snap back anything he gets hit with just bounces off him like its nothing lol


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                  Originally posted by ShoulderRoll View Post

                  Joyce is going to have a short career me thinks.
                  well he started late, but he looks to have one of the greatest chins ever. no pojnt in even tryjng to sit down on punches


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                    That may be so but I'm riding the Joyce train into the ground whatever happens!
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