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Why do some people pretend anyone at HW could beat Wilder?

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    Has Wilder ever been ahead on the cards at the time of a stoppage? Most everyone decent can outbox him pretty easily. That’s been shown over and over. If he can’t clip you he’d never even be in the fight. He’s taken boxing lesson after boxing lesson and now been stopped. Mentally he’s unstable. And he’s only getting older. He’s got the power to stop anyone but if that shot doesn’t land, and he’s only going to slow more as he ages making that telegraphed shot easier to spot, he isn’t beating anyone in the top ten.
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      Originally posted by TMLT87 View Post
      Hes a massive puncher who is also very defensively vulnerable, one dimensional and unproven against high end opponents.

      I think he always has a solid punchers chance against anyone, and may well spark Fury out one of these times. But if he was consistently facing top 10 level guys i'd expect him to have multiple losses by now.
      Thank you.

      The Sherlocks in this thread seem to forget that boxing isn't just punching, not until a fighter reaches a certain level anyway , it's punching with skill while at the same time trying to defend yourself from your opponent's punches.

      It's what sets Wilder apart from other top or topish fighters. When another unproven fighter faces diversity for the first time in their career and just punching hard doesn't work anymore, they still have their skills to rely on.

      Wilder doesn't have that which is when he first stepped up vs Ortiz he almost got KO'ed, then he got outclassed and demolished when he stepped up again vs Fury.

      He faced 2 top guys so far and looked vurnable and like he didn't even belong there which, based on the evidence, makes him losing vs top fighters other than those he already faced far more likely then him beating them.
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        Originally posted by -Kev- View Post

        Like I said before, you can’t make this up.

        If Wilder had not punched Szpilka in the face with a hard punch, ending the fight, Wilder would have lost.

        No sh.t. It’s called boxing. You can only score/win by punching your opponent.

        If one of your punches make your opponent unable to participate, you win.

        If you outbox me for the majority of our fight, in multiple fights, but in those multiple fights I win by KO’ing you every time, i’m better than you. Because there’s one way I can beat you and I get my way. If there is only one way I can beat you, and I always get it my way and beat you the way I can beat you. I’m better. If the only way you can beat me is by outboxing me for 12 rounds and avoid getting hit, tough luck. Boxing is about hitting, punching your opponent. The odds are against you, not me. The probability of not getting hit with a power punch (non jab) at least once in a fight? You probably have a better chance at winning the lottery.

        It’s amusing when fans argue “but without the KO doe!”.

        In the battlefield, you’re in a shootout. You’re losing. Outgunned. But your countrymen save you by dropping bombs on the enemy. The enemy would’ve won without those bombs being dropped. Well, no sh.t Sherlock. It’s war. Guns will be used, bombs will be dropped. If you win despite your enemy being smarter than you, but you overpowered your enemy. It doesn’t matter. If the outcome is always that you overpower your enemy, and your enemy can’t do anything but run/avoid you, then…lol. Think for a moment.

        Wilder wins his fights by KO’ing his opponents. Without KO’ing his opponents, he would lose. Well damn, some great potential analysts here.

        Your thread question is about fighters that could beat Wilder. He went 9 rounds without landing a KO blow, it's certainly a possibility others could go an extra 3. You pretending fighters couldn't that is the more ridiculous argument. Wilder himself knows it, which is why his resume is so damn weak.
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          Originally posted by JakeTheBoxer View Post

          Why you even explain things to that casuals. They probably also think that Pacquiao is the same guy that lost to some bum 25 years ago.
          Haha says the dickhead talking about Holyfield losses. He fought every top HW of his era. The bum Fury hasn't even fought the best HW in his own country.

          Or perhaps you would like to look at Fury's resume and find any decent opponent apart from a 40 year old past prime Klitschko. Didn't think so. In fact name 1 elite HW he has boxed in the last 6 years. And if you say Wilder you'll just get laughed at even more.

          Keep proving you're a casual.

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            It's no different from before the Fury loss, Wilder is very beatable and isn't very good in terms of skill and acumen but.........he's got that right hand and most often it doesn't matter how much he sucks in other areas.


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              Originally posted by Ray* View Post
              That’s what happens when you lose, when Joshua got stopped everyone and their mama then came out and said they could have beaten him, including Wilder and Ward… That’s what happens. It’s normal..,
              Not me, I said he was going to win the rematch and Ruiz got a fluke. I cant defend Wilder at all.


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                Originally posted by Earl-Hickey View Post

                As I've said multiple times we still don't really know if Wilder is an excellent world level heavyweight or a hype job bum.

                His best win is a Luis Ortiz who we know is over 40 years old and, funnily just like Wilder we don't know if he's any good or not because he's never fought anyone.

                So people can't really go on resume with Wilder, only the eye test, and I've seen A) Him struggle vs enough C tier heavyweights and B) him be totally unable to deal with Fury (who isn't a big puncher) pressuring him.

                The result of above is I think he really struggles vs some of the guys you listed, B+/A- level guys.

                And to be honest it's up to Wilder to prove people wrong because for a guy closing in on 50 FIGHTS and entering his late 30s his resume is GARBAGE.
                You know... a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... Someone said "Ortiz is old. He is a wash!! A bum." And like a misguided greek chorus the recriminations were repeated, ad naseum. How many people who say this believe this? And how many who believe this watched his second fight with Wilder? Ortiz may be old but he fought very well that fight. he was active, and he was winning. He was doing what many boxers in the prime of their career do: working off his jab, pressuring Wilder, etc.

                You can see when a fighter is out of shape, washed up, etc... Ortiz did not actually look such in his fights with Wilder, especially the second.


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                  Originally posted by tonysoprano View Post

                  Rahman beats everybody Fury ever fought apart from Klitschko including Wilder. Holyfield is unquestioned as an ATG anybody that knows boxing knows it. If Cunninhgham and Pajkic who are straight garbage can flatten Fury what do you think a Foreman or Liston would do to him. They would demolish him. Wilder is a bum-killer who never fought a single elite HW so beating him means nothing to me.

                  Your problem is YDKSAB boxing. No serious judges even consider Fury on the level of others because his CV is total garbage. He hasn't even fought the best Heavyweight in the UK (AJ) let alone any other top HW's.

                  Keep getting conned like the other mugs.
                  I think you are exxagerating a bit, but you and Tua have a point. These guys just are not fighting enough, not fighting each other enough, not clearing out the division with the up commers enough. Lewis always kept things "Tidy" when someone like Grant, or Briggs, took a leap, Lewis showed they were not it... When guys like Morrison, Golota and Tua were declared capable of it all...Lewis fought them, even if it meant not fighting a mandatory scrub (Ruiz).

                  I don't know if it is Covid, or what... But someone needs to clean the division out. If Fury has the juice, we can't tell at this point. All we see are his mistakes (you mention) and a great fight against Klitsko, which is not enough.

                  Tua makes a similar point highlighting the guys in the early niniteties... And speaking about who Tyson beat...

                  the division is really weak right now.


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                    Wilder has very basic fighting technique.
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                      Originally posted by Howitzer78 View Post
                      Wilder has very basic fighting technique.
                      Earnie shavers too

                      And he had bad stamina

                      And he cut easily

                      Yet....... he was a nightmare for almost everyone.