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Comments Thread For: Arum: Fury Fine With Getting Fully Vaccinated To Move Forward With Third Wilder Fight

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  • Comments Thread For: Arum: Fury Fine With Getting Fully Vaccinated To Move Forward With Third Wilder Fight

    Tyson Fury seemed healthier to Bob Arum when they spoke on the phone Monday morning than when his co-promoter visited the WBC heavyweight champion Thursday in Las Vegas.
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    Fury needs more time typical he is not so confident


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      Get the fuck out of here Bob! We all know that this is just more of your face-saving bullshit!

      Fury doesn't have COVID. It was all a hoax and a publicity stunt in order to cancel the fight with Deontay Wilder. It's over and done. Fury doesn't want to fight Wilder and never will.

      You said there was a COVID out break at Tyson Fury's camp and Joseph Parker was one those who had contracted the disease in his camp but yet on Saturday night he was spotted at the Conor McGregor fight.

      Why wasn't he quarantined? You lying fake Mutha!
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        Arum is so full of crap. First it was he was fully vaccinated and now he only took 1 shot. I'm still not sure Fury doesnt vacate the title and retire an undefeated 2 time heavyweight champ. He wanted to fight S.J. and I honestly think he is having a hard time getting motivated to fight Wilder the 3rd time and without being fully invested Wilder has good odds on stopping him.
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          More fake news. Sounds like the gypsy fairy trying to escape.


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            Better late than never I suppose. Not sure why the US government is letting people in who are not fully vaccinated. Who’s minding the store? In any event, Jarrod Anderson might want to take it easy on fury in sparring, seems like he has thrown a spanner into the works of fury’s training camp


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              The last couple months haven’t looked to good for fury. His team and especially Bob needs to just shut up for a bit now, they’ve made themselves look idiotic and I’m not happy about it.

              It’s crazy how days before this COVID outbreak, Bob was sticking it to Teofimo about his positive test and blatantly told us “Tyson and his team are fully vaccinated so is Wilders side, were not stupid we are professionals”

              I'm a HUGE Fury fan, think he’s the greatest on the land right now, but man have they been annoying lately! Go recover from COVID in silence, Bob just stop talking about fury and wilder and think about things! That’s all.


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                Originally posted by saopaulo
                vaccines are dangerous remember that u flippin chumps


                Catching covid is even more dangerous


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                  Said he was fully vaccinated... by which he meant he thought he'd had one jab and 'hoped' it was Johnson & Johnson. FFS, Bob's interviews are getting weirder and weirder. Is he even trying anymore or does someone need to save him?


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