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Comments Thread For: Joshua on Wilder: He's Not Elite Level, I'm Not One of The Tomato Cans He's Knocked Out

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    ​Uh Oh! Here we go again. It looks like we got another duck coming in the future once Wilder wins and becomes the WBC's two time heavyweight champion of the world.

    I hear ya loud and clear Anthony Joshua. You want to be undisputed alright; Just so long if that opponent happens to be Tyson Fury. I got'cha ya!

    Wilder still have Anthony Joshua shook after all these years. If Wilder wins watch how Eddie Hearn pivots and pushes for a mandatory bout against Dillian Whyte instead of an undisputed bout with Deontay Wilder.
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      Originally posted by Alf Stewart View Post

      At what point did I mention Wilders record?

      Also just compare how Wilder and Ruiz performed against Arreola.

      Ruiz is an absolute pudding and he beat down and made the humble one quit.
      Excessive Irish Guinness - pack it in.


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        Originally posted by jonnyc420 View Post
        No lies there, Wilder was spoon fed so many trash opponents, part of the reason why he can't compete with Fury and was lucky to land on old man Ortiz. Joshua won't have to worry about Wilder once Fury retires him.
        Joshua has no room to talk. He has already been knocked out by a 25-1 odds underdog tomato can in Andy Ruiz. While Deontay Wilder only lost to the elite of the division.


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          Originally posted by chepboxingking View Post

          Yes, you can absolutely scrap Breazeale. He was clearly worse with wilder after the Joshua beaten. Point proven. Thank you.
          Does this mean Wilder is no good now since Fury beat him up?


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            Anthony Joshua with his built in excuses to not fight Deontay Wilder are already in effect I see.


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              Originally posted by champion4ever View Post
              Anthony Joshua with his built in excuses to not fight Deontay Wilder are already in effect I see.
              Can you duck wilder dic any harder man ffs.Just say something with a level head.Your talking about excuses but wilders the king of excuses and even admitted to turning down joshuas offers


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                AJ, unless you've forgotten you're one of the tomato cans that Andy "Snickers" Ruiz knocked out. And Wilder can only knock you out if you finally fight him.


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                  Originally posted by Apollo7 View Post

                  Does this mean Wilder is no good now since Fury beat him up?
                  You're first loss is always the toughest. Once you've lost once, seems like it's easier for fighters to lose after that. I'll prove it; when Kell Brooks fought possibly the hardest puncher in boxing P4P in GGG, he never went down, even with a broken eye socket. Truly fought to the end (corner stoppage) when he fought Spence in his next fight, yes he was taking a beating, but he was arguably winning the fight, yet decided to take a knee and give up in the corner. This happens plenty of times in boxing. Once you've lost, it's somehow easier to lose again.


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                    Originally posted by BangEM View Post

                    Excessive Irish Guinness - pack it in.
                    But he got up and won, same as he did against Wilder.

                    AJ literally bottled it against a walking blob.


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                      Who has Wilder the fraud beaten after 5 years, am waiting...Shame on all your Wilder fan ldiots.

                      But did you LDBC black racists know Wilder and Wlad has same promoter? Bet you ldiots are that ******ed not to notice.

                      why didn’t baby Wilder fight Wlad? Oh I know, Wlad ducked to fight AJ....hahahahaha, Shame on Beyoncé Wilder, the only black champ to get destroyed on black week celebration, brought shame to us all blacks, another win for the white man, hahahahaha.

                      between, all men are equal in my eyes, I don’t care if u are black, purple or red, have some phucking cajonese and don’t ruin the sport we all love then maybe I can support you.

                      Wilder brings nothing but shame to black Americans, he ain’t no Nigerian but a coward.
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