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Comments Thread For: Alexander Povetkin, 41, Retires; Former HW Champ Also Captured Olympics Gold

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    Originally posted by lopetego View Post
    Goodbye champ

    You were always a warrior, explosive and entertaining

    It sucks that you were not big enough for the era of superheavyweights

    and that you had to spend your prime under the shadow of two of the greatest hws ever, who also dwarfed you in size, the Klitschkos

    without the Kbros around, you could have ruled the division

    Heck, a prime Povetkin could probably rule the current, lackluster hw division

    There's a reason Wilder went out of his way to duck a past prime version of you
    He got caught taking a heart medication to boost his stamina which was always his issue then turned around and got popped for another steroid a few months later….. cheating bum that shut whyte up for a few months is all he will be remembered for
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      He could have gone on a Bang! ... Decided to go on a stretcher (sort of speak) ... Wise decision and great career ...


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        Solid career… I always liked him. Although I don’t consider him as a world champion. Klitschko was the WBA champion & Povetkin collected the regular trinket.
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          Wach, Luis Ortiz, Pacquiao, GGG, Kovalev and Braekus should all retire.


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            Originally posted by VislorTurlough View Post
            He exposed Whyte.
            What did he expose? Getting dominated and dropped twice only to pull out the left uppercut before getting ironed out himself?

            Nah, Whyte just got caught by a great shot. It can happen to anyone. Well, those who actually fight credible opposition anyway.

            But keep watching JKP. Even haters are welcome.
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              Originally posted by denium View Post
              The fact that he flattened Whyte will always make him one of my favs.

              Happy retirement champ.
              Well Fury wasn't going to try and do it to Whyte. He ran away instead.


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                KO of the year 2020, retired 2021. Sometimes, it doesn't pay to draw too much attention. He was hired like a stepping stone, but the rematch became the main train of thought. The Covid did him in, he was hospitalized and the money wouldn't wait. He was thoroughly disrespected by Whyte's team, start to finish, and probably disgusted by it all.


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                  Wish he never gave Shyte the rematch.


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                    Old school fighter who fought everyone, that whyte ko is unforgettable.

                    take it easy champ


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                      Less is best pay for KO of the year and buddy roughed for the rematch. I hope he made it home with his money.