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Comments Thread For: Hearn Rejects Wilder's Claims That Fury Manipulated His Gloves in Rematch

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    Originally posted by El_Mero View Post

    neother fighter was unsupervised while getting their hands wrapped. There was an NSAC member in both rooms, matter of fact, each had team member in the others dresing room while the wrapping was happening. Yall weirdos got issues.
    Nah, bump that! The question is would Eddie Hearn allow Tyson Fury to have his hands wrapped in a room unsupervised and would he allow Tyson Fury to select his gloves without inspecting and examining them first? I think it's a fair question. Also, would he allow the commission to just do its job by doing the supervision and inspection themselves?
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      Originally posted by kafkod View Post

      Maybe Fury was so scared of fighting Wilder that he was trying to weasel out of it by injuring his hands in sparring?

      Or maybe the clown who posted that dumb video was trying to stir up **** because of a financial beef he had with Fury's team?
      It is Bull****. Fury will win 99 out of 100 times and will draw 1 time out of the hundred, you do the math.


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        Regardless of what went down Jay Dees was responsible for observing the wrapping of Fury's gloves. If he didn't notice anything unusual then this is a closed case. I hear stories of Dees not being there which should have raised red flags and possibly immediate firing. Hard core fans will conjure up new theories and at the end of the day a rematch is looming so hopefully we get a solid fight.


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          Originally posted by weswcw View Post
          Only delusional white people will think that Wilder is full of BS, when they show proof and close up on the internet, " youtube " fury glove gate. Wilder doctor stated that the damage on wilder head wasn't from a regular glove, some type of object shaped of a egg weight, if u know anything about boxing, u should know that boxing gloves shouldn't show knuckle prints after u hit someone, or flap when ur throwing punches, lol. Fury is a smart dude, fury is known for cheating, research it, fury definitely have the complexion for the protection, I would like to see this go to court so we all can see the truth, but I know that the wilder haters wont believe ⁰ Their lying eyes and lying ears
          All this evidence you shared & still no WBC or Al Haymon investigation
          Why didn't Wilder make an official complaint to get the Fight decision overturned?
          I wonder why?
          You need a life
          Your post make you look dumb
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            Originally posted by !-1 View Post
            Eddie has an opinion on EVERYTHING the narcissistic prlck.
            And you have a comment on every Eddie Hearn Article


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              The Nevada State Athletic Commission has NEVER found anything illegal with ANY glove in its history of overlooking whatever they wanna choose to overlook when it comes to the inspection of gloves - so Hearn is delusional and is now being programmed by his own robot.

              ”To be ‘honest’ with you I don’t see how sliding your hand down the glove is going to give you an edge when you punch someone.”.....Awwww how nice, Hearn is putting his “honest” character traits on display so we all can admire his honest fair assessment of two fighters that would like equal representation. Acknowledging the slide, only to assist Fury has “promoter” written all over it.

              “I’d say it’s impossible to tamper with gloves.” What an amazing bit of “truth.” ...What Mr. Hearn says concerning that - is what Margarito & Trinidad (when he fought Hopkins - and who knows who else) would be oh so delighted to hear him say and endorse.

              “I think you would break your hand....” Hearn sure knows boxing. Calzaghe’s & Mayweathers hands were brittle after years of use, so Fury’s patented slide down technique would render his hands useless - broken?.....I get it ...especially if wrapped properly with gauze, tape, & and some sort of plaster....I get it....Hearn is a genius....Fury complains all the time about those hurting hands of his.

              Hearn is such an honest bloke. He knows the honesty and stringent protocol that he used when knowing about the arbitration case in the backdrop - he claimed everything was wrapped up properly with a few minor plastered adjustments for the AJ/Fury fight to take place....This guy knows honesty....and so does Fury, especially when Fury announced the un “confirmed” fight.

              The commission is wack. They’ve never found anything illegal in it’s history, and they never will. Uselessness is as uselessness does... Hearn surely wouldn’t know how to check gloves while their being wrapped, so he can “I think” as much as he wants. He doesn’t care or know, and that’s what permeates thru his entire discourse.


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                Originally posted by aboutfkntime View Post


                Such a nice compliment sweetheart, obviously the truth hurt your little butt!


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                  Where are guys like Naazim Richardson & Bouie Fisher anymore? The Panama Louises of days long gone are still the central figures of today.......Guys like Cheater Fury will always have his fan-girl crew loud & clear cheating him on & on.....Mr. Wilder was at a loss for words as to why Mr Powder Puff Purée all of a sudden developed such devastating power. After Fury visited the voo doo version of KRONK gym; two twigs were used to make a Wilder doll, and It turned Sir Wilder into an excuse making machine, by first calling out that kooky breathing costume of his.....But...

                  Sanity was eventually making its way through: Fury’s gloves were on FULL ‘run back the tape” display. Refs, sparring partners, opponents, fans and YouTube personalities started calling him out on his CHEATING. Hatton who got blasted out twice by top notch boxers showed why he deserved the prior blasting: he pulled down Fury’s glove at the appropriate time to help in Fury’s power against the skinny kid.....Hopefully Team-Wilder don’t give these guys an inch in the dressing room (you can be sure the commission will give free open hiding space in the name of observation) ....Team Fury don’t give a damn that they’ve been put on notice .....they’ll still continue cheat if no one responsible is watching.
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                    Originally posted by Joeboxeo View Post

                    Such a nice compliment sweetheart, obviously the truth hurt your little butt!

                    you went FULL re-tard

                    NEVER, go full re-tard

                    supporting that dumb shlt, by repeating that dumb shlt.,,.. cannot help Wilder

                    never repeat dumb shlt



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                      Originally posted by DaNeutral. View Post

                      So all those black people I see shaking their heads at Wilders nonsense and disagreeing with it are actually white? It’s not blacks and whites it is some Wilder fans against some Wilder fans, black or white, haters, neutrals, Boxers, ex Boxers, trainers, pundits, state commissions, promoters, he’ll I’m talking everybody.

                      And we ain’t falling for the dumb assed still photos that prove literally nothing. Glove shape get warped mid action. To claim what you dumb fux are trying to claim Fury’s gloves would look ridiculous all the time. Somebody has just picked out some opportunist type photos that could be found in any fight with any set of gloves.

                      And it doesn’t help when those excuses are then stacked upon with even worse nonsense like the spiked water, heavy suit, egg weight, cheating ref and the FKKING DENT IN HIS SKULL. lol we don’t all claim to be surgeons but we know the consequences of a depression of the skull bone, that chit don’t just pop itself back out like a car body. Also it’s no good claiming the doctors confirm it when nobody has seen any evidence of a doctor confirming jack Chit.
                      Just the cut the crap man! You know that Tyson Fury cheated in each of the first two fights and should have been disqualified but you are happy that he got away with it anyhow. However, it doesn't matter now because Wilder is stopping him in less than three rounds in the trilogy bout anyway. So you Wilder haters can savor this victory for as long as you can because come July 24th Wilder is knocking Fury the fuck out to regain his WBC heavyweight title; Which is less than six weeks away and you can take that to the bank!