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Comments Thread For: Hearn Rejects Wilder's Claims That Fury Manipulated His Gloves in Rematch

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    Its under the spotlight now and down to Wilder's team to double, triple and quadruple check that the things he claims Fury has done, don't have an opportunity to happen this time.

    If Fury then goes out and batters him around the ring then Wilder will only look like a fool. He should have learned to shut his mouth and bide his time.


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      What's the excuses going to be if he loose again ? The bum can't box he only have the one punch and if he can't land it and get punched a bit he's legs are gone all bug eyed..making up excuses like the costume or spiked water ( funny the couldn't find anything in his system maybe the excuse maker forgot they get tested after )


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        Originally posted by champion4ever View Post

        Just the cut the crap man! You know that Tyson Fury cheated in each of the first two fights and should have been disqualified but you are happy that he got away with it anyhow. However, it doesn't matter now because Wilder is stopping him in less than three rounds in the trilogy bout anyway. So you Wilder haters can savor this victory for as long as you can because come July 24th Wilder is knocking Fury the fuck out to regain his WBC heavyweight title; Which is less than six weeks away and you can take that to the bank!
        Wilder has a chance, Wilder always has a chance with that power and fast hands. I would never completely write him off against anybody. But all the BS excuses are nothing more than BS excuses, he’s just a real bad loser who won’t accept it. If it helps him to think all that nonsense then that’s fine but just don’t expect anybody else to believe it.


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          Originally posted by champion4ever View Post

          Nah, bump that! The question is would Eddie Hearn allow Tyson Fury to have his hands wrapped in a room unsupervised and would he allow Tyson Fury to select his gloves without inspecting and examining them first? I think it's a fair question. Also, would he allow the commission to just do its job by doing the supervision and inspection themselves?
          Your hypotheticals are funny af. Did any of that happen? No. Theres your answer


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            the boxing world is laughing at Wilder's dumb excuses

            but Wilder fans still insist that those dumb excuses are true

            oh lordie



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              My first reaction to glove gate was to laugh it off as denial and crazy talk on Wilder's part, but then I watched Steve Cunningham's take on it and it makes sense.

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              Long story short, this isn't a case of plaster, some other foreign substance, or some voodoo magic. Fury's slipping his hands down in his gloves to give Wilder more knuckle and less padding. A clever trick that's probably as old as the use of boxing gloves themselves.

              Not claiming this as fact or that it would've changed the outcome if true, but it does make sense. Those gloves were flapping around, and Wilder's face was busted up in ways reminiscent of fights with tainted gloves. He's been in a war or two, and never wore his damage like that.
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                Wow! The cornball Fury fan girls don’t think Fury can cheat “again” after he was already caught with drugs in his cheat functioning system!? Wow! These are some of the same emotional Barbie and Ken fan-girls that keep Mayweathers pockets FAT because they pay to hopefully see him lose....

                The Gypsy Cheat said he wants all his Gypsy lineage & peoples falling into the same cheating category as himself. Why? because Wilder rightfully called out his cheating - and dishonesty?....What a petrified move from Fury with his boar meat PEDified cheat filled history.....

                Somehow Fury wants his cheating label applied to his Gypsy nation because Wilder believes he cheated? Such a self evident ‘misery likes company’ punk move.

                Cornball Fury’s Sphincter kissers would like him to bring public awareness to his admitted fake mental disorder - because they really have mental disorders of their own.... they long to live vicariously through the Fury Facade ....

                Fury better be training hard without his ice cream & doughnuts because it’ll be the very first time he tries to handle Wilder without his Hatton KRONK Floppy Glove cheating maneuvering....A ‘Fury Fan Girl Suicide Watch’ will most likely be in effect in the UK when Fury simply gets bashed upside his head in the 2nd round.
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                  what we learned from Pacquiao...

                  someone who blurts out a pile of ridiculous excuses... is totally full-of-shlt

                  we needed one genuine reason... Pac blurted out a pile of ridiculous excuses, because he did not have 1 genuine reason

                  if Wilder had 1 genuine reason for that embarrassing loss, then he should say it... because nothing he said so far explains what happened to him in the ring that day... and that pile of ridiculous excuses is even more embarrassing than the loss

                  Wilder fans... what happened to the 40lb suit excuse?

                  do any of you really believe that Mark Breland spiked Wilder's water? ... wtf ???



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                    As if any promoter would admit to their guy doing dirty shlt....WTF