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Comments Thread For: Hearn Rejects Wilder's Claims That Fury Manipulated His Gloves in Rematch

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  • Comments Thread For: Hearn Rejects Wilder's Claims That Fury Manipulated His Gloves in Rematch

    Promoter Eddie Hearn has rejected the year-long claims by Deontay Wilder, who alleges that Tyson Fury manipulated his gloves for their rematch in February 2020. Fury dominated and stopped Wilder in seven rounds, to capture the WBC heavyweight title.
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    Wilder's own mother did not believe that story

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      Only the ldbc idiots and the pro black racist believe this excuse
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        No rational person would believe that bull

        It was clearly Brelands fault for spiking the water and throwing the towel in to early
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          Originally posted by meeXxXFistologyy View Post
          Only the ldbc idiots and the pro black racist believe this excuse
          They actually don’t believe that themselves, but they have to sell to their market (The gullible ones who think race played a part), you see some of those guys on here talking about it too.


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            Come on, Eddie, we all know now that Tyson Fury used voodoo!


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              Eddie wasn't involved in this fight himself, but Bob Arum assured him that Fury's gloves were 100% kosherˇ


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                Wilder got beat beat fairly. We knew how 1 diminsion he was not willing to learn so lower iq cause such. Ortiz schooled em 2nd fight non stop til got caught. Fury simply saw that said wait im bigger longer n just as fast if not faster then wilder n way better tech boxer n iq well ima perfect the luis ortiz plan knock wilder out thats what happend boom cant beat em coming foward barly . n def cant beat fighting off backfoot


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                  Only delusional white people will think that Wilder is full of BS, when they show proof and close up on the internet, " youtube " fury glove gate. Wilder doctor stated that the damage on wilder head wasn't from a regular glove, some type of object shaped of a egg weight, if u know anything about boxing, u should know that boxing gloves shouldn't show knuckle prints after u hit someone, or flap when ur throwing punches, lol. Fury is a smart dude, fury is known for cheating, research it, fury definitely have the complexion for the protection, I would like to see this go to court so we all can see the truth, but I know that the wilder haters wont believe ⁰ Their lying eyes and lying ears


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                    Eh...I'm lending more weight to it


                    1. The terrible looking glove gif which really looks bad

                    2. Fury's sparring partner accusing him of messing with the gloves during their sparring session

                    3. Dillian Whyte experiencing the same glove malarky with Oscar Rivas...which was never resolved

                    4. Usyk complaining about dodgy gloves during his bout with Chisora

                    For some reason boxing seems to have an issue with multiple fighters perhaps manipulating the padding in their gloves. TBH its not like glove manipulation is something new or unique but I definitely think the recent spate is something to be alarmed about.

                    As usual, things will likely come out way down the line when everyone has retired and made their money.