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  • Comments Thread For: Wilder: John Fury Trying To Get His Son To Duck, I'm Very Dangerous Right Now

    Heavyweight contender Deontay Wilder has continued to drop verbal bombs on WBC world champion Tyson Fury. The two fighters are scheduled to collide for a third time on July 24 in Las Vegas. Fury had planned to move forward with a high stakes unification with Anthony Joshua - but last month an arbitrator ordered him to honor a rematch clause due to Wilder.
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    The yes men in his ear have him fooled again. I wonder who he will throw under the bus after getting destroyed again. Maybe Scott will take the blame like he took that dive for Wilder.


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      Wilder still blaming Breland, the suit and the water for the defeat, as well as unproven allegations of glove tampering.

      This is not a good sign for Wilder, but anyway, he couldn't accept being beaten up in the rematch. No shame losing to Fury. He just relies on the big right hand, whereas he should jab more as in the first Stiverne fight.


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        CTE in boxing is a serious matter. Wilder is an unfortunate victim to this after all of the delusion he has displayed in the past year. Fury really ruined this man. Wilder should consider getting mentally evaluated before it’s too late.

        fury inside 6 rounds. People should not support this slaughter......or maybe they should


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          If Wilder doesn't learn how to fight on the inside and throw combos, it will be the same result if he's banking on throwing haye makers in the hopes of landing one.


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            Wilder's fantasies are getting wilder.
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              There's only one Tyson Fury!!!!


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                Did Wilder forget that Fury fought him twice?


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                  "How does suddenly a man get so much confidence in a period of time? That he can bet his last dollar? Now, under the microscope, it will be different. I know what I can do - they know too so they had to find something to slow me down."

                  Last February, Fury stopped Wilder in seven rounds to capture the WBC title. In their first bout, in December 2018, they fought to a controversial twelve round split draw.

                  "They couldn't knock me out. They couldn't keep me down," Wilder said. "It took a disloyal trainer to throw the towel in.

                  After replaying round 7 over a thousand times, I'm confident that Deontay 'Bronze-Bomber' Wilder was doing the Ali 'Rope a dope ' to tire the Gypsy-Bum and catch him late, like in the first fight. Deontay, was getting his second wind, resting and possibly recuperating from whatever that 'Snake in the grass' Mark Brleland slipped into Deontay's water.

                  When Kelly Bayless was forced to stop the fight by that traitor Mark Breland, you can tell that it was a premature-stoppage by the manner that Deontay responds; Wilder was quick to notice the unusual and suspicious decision by Breland to put a halt to the contest by throwing in the towel. This clip shows a man that is fully alert and willing to continue, despite being repeatedly rabbit-punched chocked, tripped and even drugged.

                  Tyson Fury knows deep down inside he did not KO Deontay Wilder, in spite his best underhanded effort. These facts must be the source of worry for Gypsy-John, but what is even more worrisome is knowing that Tyson has never gone the full 12 rounds with Deontay without hitting the mat ; in two months time the Gypsy-Bum will wake up in the middle of the ring for the second time. BOMBSQUAD!!!


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                    I don’t know but I have a feeling Wilder is going to clip Furu. Fury been very blobbish lately and if he don’t train properly he’s getting clipped. The thing about there two last fight Fury was a on a mission coming off his layoff and was active and in great shape for his size.

                    Lately Fury’s been feeling himself a little to much and is coming across that this fight is in thr bag for him. His chances of getting a rude awakening if he don’t take if serious are very great.