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Comments Thread For: Wilder: Fury Tried To Avoid Me Like a Coward - There's Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide

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  • Originally posted by Toffee View Post

    It's a dangerous fight, and he doesn't want it. It's also a dangerous fight for Wilder, and I don't think he wants it either.

    I'm still thinking that it doesn't get as far as fight night but we'll see how it plays out.
    You keep dreaming....
    Fight is already agreed to by both Wilder & Fury
    They both want it!
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    • There is no end to self deception to maintain a fraudulent ego.


      • Whatever has been said--Wilder always has that punch so you never know. Fury talks like he never got blasted to the canvas by this guy. This one will be interesting.
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        • Two of the best three are fighting eachother again yet AJ is either fighting mandatories or old age pensioners with a name to fool the mis-matchroom casuals. That's called an Eddie Hearn special, not risking his cash cow.


          • It will be sweet poetic justice when Wilder regains the WBC belt and becomes the new RING and lineal champion of the heavyweight division.

            It's telling that he had to force Fury to honor the contract that he signed. It's also telling that this contractual obligation was overlooked by so many in the boxing community, loving the fact that Wilder was being cheated out of his just due.

            But he never gave up. Never wanted step aside money. Just wanted a chance at redemption. A true fighter, in every sense of the word.

            The tide is turning.
            Wilder's back.
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            • Originally posted by champion4ever View Post
              Oh, it's you again. I thought I had shut you down with my deductive and inductive reasoning.
              You must be mistaken, I run you off every time. You have no reasoning, you blindly believe lies to cope with Wilder getting destroyed. As I said before fragile mind.
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              • Originally posted by champion4ever View Post

                No, Initially many thought it was a busted ear drum because of the substantial bleeding coming out of it. However, it turned out to be a cut on the outer portion of the ear he sustained after the fourth round which required seven stitches. It was most likely caused by a head butt due to Fury's shaved bald head.
                Thanks, that makes sense.
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                • Originally posted by 1hourRun View Post
                  One has to be optimistic and never lose faith. We got what no one was expecting during arbitration, I say we are on the right track.
                  Well Run, if you do manage to get on the right track, you know it's soon derailed.

                  But keep the faith, man.


                  • Originally posted by ShoulderRoll View Post

                    What the hell are you talking about now, Sid-Pee?

                    I'm bashing the American fighter for making excuses yet here you are attacking me for it.

                    North American boxing success has driven you completely off the rails. You don't even know if you're coming or going anymore.
                    So that post was sarcastic? What about all the others when i called you out only for you to claim something wasn't right that night?

                    What success? Point it out, i'd love to know about it? I've seen robberies across the board and wins where the opponent is always at the disadvantage because it's orchestrated that way. But you still lose many fights under those conditions. Success would be fighting and beating opponents on a level playing field. Not having all your opponents at a calculated weak point. I know what you're doing. You'd have to be stupid not to see it across the board. It isn't coincidence either. The odds are impossible. Cowards always seek out advantages and hope no one sees what they're doing all the time. Well, i do. The patterns clearly show that.


                    • Originally posted by Patsfan bri View Post
                      that’s all Susie, I mean Sid does on this board is attack and insult people.
                      I do so because of their poison and smears against innocent people. So that's ironic.

                      People like you just slander and live in a delusional world. You hate it when someone pulls you up on it.