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Fury won't sign site fee deal until money is guaranteed. Looking to fight someone else in July

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    Originally posted by deathofaclown View Post

    There’s definitely something going on

    when Fury was asked about it by YouTube boxing channels reporters before the BJS, he said he won’t talk about it on camera as it can be legally used against you.

    so it seems they are still trying to work it out.

    Also they had a hearing last week which was supposedly more like a “negotiation” - so maybe they’re negotiating a step aside fee, which may also tie in to why Fury wants to make sure the site fee money is guaranteed?
    That's very true. Also, I've heard through the arbitration that Tyson Fury's step aside fee is close to 80m dollars.


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      Originally posted by Robbie Barrett View Post

      The guarantee for the fighters is backed by the promoter. The promoter takes the financial risk. We all know this.
      Not in this instance

      that only applies when a promoter owns and bankrolls the event, books a venue etc etc. Like your usual Saturday night fight night.

      this time those putting up the site fee own the event and bankrolling it. The promoters are essentially just hired to host the event and take a cut. It’s totally different.

      this is why the fighters have to sign the site deal too, not just the promoter. The promoter will be working for the Saudis as a host and organiser, but the promoter doesn’t own the event, which is why the promoter can’t guarantee anything when the ownership of the event is a third party.

      it’s very easy to understand


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        Originally posted by denium View Post

        Stop wanking over Eddie Hearn for a minute and you'll soon realise that he constantly talks a load of s****

        He's basically using Fury's name to promote his crappy events.

        "Tune in for Bum1 vs Bum2 and you might hear something interesting" *wink* *wink*

        You Matchroom clowns probably expect Fury to fight Joshua for free.
        nothing to do with matchroom and Eddie Hearn ...this is about fury trying to worm out of this fight and we’ve heard more and more negativity from arum and Warren .....what I’m saying is when it comes to delivering big fights hearn has time and time again been on the money whether you send silly spunk stained photos or not.......expect either fury to go the pianeta direction or somehow fake a another mental breakdown and fade away....he has a history of that and we are seeing signs of we are hearing he wants a warm up lol....what’s with the big dosser couldn’t lace my boots and I’ll punch his face in.....he’s all talk always has been always will be and fools like you have been suckered into it


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          Fury was involved in a WWE show in Saudi Arabia in late 2019. There was an issue with Vince McMahon not getting paid what he was told and it caused a huge dispute. Many wrestlers were stranded in SA with no return flight as retaliation and missed the next show.
          I wonder if that is making Fury dubious about Hearn’s deal.
          Eddie needs to make sure he and Furyhave the assurances needed to get this thing across the finish line.
          Maybe show him how AJ and Ruiz got paid to show they are dealing in good faith.
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            Comments from Hearn...

            Fury's UK promoter Frank Warren has suggested that a deal will not be signed until he is guaranteed the fight purse, but Hearn is 'comfortable' about the funds available after staging Joshua's rematch win over Andy Ruiz Jr in Saudi Arabia in December 2019.

            "I wasn't just intending to take a punt on it," said Hearn.

            "It's a lot of money and we've done this before. We did the Andy Ruiz fight in Saudi Arabia.

            "We know the magnitude of the people we are dealing with. We're probably a little bit more comfortable than they are, because they are new to this, and I get that, so we have to make them comfortable.

            "Of course financially we need to make sure that everything is in order, everything is secure."

            It sounds like Fury's lawyers are simply being prudent, and it sounds like Eddie agrees with them.


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              Originally posted by NorvernRob View Post

              It’s the other way around, some of you are obsessed with hating Hearn. The fact is that Fury and his team are the ones who have been making all sorts of excuses for this fight not happening. Now Fury wants a guarantee of cash from a bank before he even signs the contract? (In which said contract will be the financial guarantees anyway obviously).

              The same Fury who didn’t care about money? Same Fury who’s never defended a title? Same Fury who went awol from 2 Wlad rematches? Same Fury with a history of mental problems? Same Fury who’s been talking about ring rust and a tune-up fight instead?

              I don’t really like AJ but who has he ducked? Do people have so little intelligence that they really think promoters (any promoter) spend weeks, months, negotiating contracts, spending large amounts of money, then purposely make them bad enough in order for the other fighter not to sign? Nobody can believe that unless they’re blinded by hate.
              Yeah it’s the world against Eddie…

              Make all the excuses you want. The facts remain two of the top 3 have fought. AJ has fought neither. Fury and Wilder have proved their intentions, AJ still hasn’t. Until that changes it’s abundantly clear who the problem is.


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                Originally posted by Toffee View Post

                Wilder v AJ was for all the chocolates. Same as AJ v Fury now. Both were massive and those fights don't usually happen. Whoever you blame, Wilder didn't fight Joshua just as much as Joshua didn't fight Wilder.

                Wilder v Fury 1 wasn't really a megafight. It was one where both parties needed the fight. Wilder was out of any kind of legitimate challengers. Fury was practically irrelevant at that point. His top 10 ranking (was it 8?) was a gift to him. It was one where 'if you knew, you knew' and most people didn't know.

                You can ask why AJ and Fury didn't fight back then... but I think it's obvious that you don't waste the fight between the two best British Heavyweights for when one of them is only just getting back in the picture.

                I don't quite know how Fury got the second Wilder fight. That was a huge fight, I'll agree. Whether they had already reached some kind of agreement after the rematch was ordered by the WBC, who knows? Or maybe it was just the promise of a third fight that had team Wilder ready to cash out?

                Fights happen because they make sense.Joshua's team have been making these guys offers and, for whatever reason, they haven't made sense for them. Both Wilder and Fury's teams seem to confirm that they are real and are lucrative.
                Wilder and Fury did fight though and AJ still hasn’t fought either despite being in negotiations with both. As I keep saying, until that changes it’s obvious who the problem is.