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List of my bets since I've run out of space
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Changing my view of the Casamayor-Marquez fight...kind of

Posted 09-09-2008 at 09:32 PM by warp1432
Long time no write fellas. For whoever reads this anyway. I didn't really have anything to write, but now I do after rewatching Katsidis-Casamayor.

I originally had this fight for Marquez by an SD in which Marquez edges out. However after rewatching Katsidis-Casamayor I noticed how much Casamayor's defense sucks.

Before getting to that, let me say that anyone who had Katsidis winning is a ****ing idiot. He only won rounds 4-6 and maybe round 3. Rounds 1,2,7,8,9 all belonged to casamayor. Katsidis was chasing Casamayor around and landing some good stuff here and there, but Casamayor was way to accurate for those rounds to go to Katsidis.

Anyway back on track, Casamayor's defense is pretty bad now. He was getting hit by lunging punches and hoooks in the middle rounds of the Katsidis fight. He had good enough movement not to get hit, but Marquez is just as good as a mover as he is.

Not to mention Marquez is deadly accurate. I love watching him throw the right hand. It's like he lunges in, but he doesn't throw himself out there to be countered unless someone is very fast (See: Manny Pacquiao). People who don't know what I'm talking about, watch Barrera-Marquez for an example. I think inbtween rounds4 and 5 HBO shows I replay of Marquez landing that type of right hand I'm talking about. It's such a great shot. He lands it consistently on Pacquiao too.

Marquez has fluid combinations that'll land on Casamayor too. I don't expect it to be a blowout because Casamayor still has somewhat good of legs, can hold and mald, and still accurate.

I'm changing my prediction to a UD for Marquez (or an SD in which it should be a clear UD). Maybe 117-111 in there, but it wouldn't surprise me if Casamayor got a flash knockdown on him.

Other thoughts:

-Mijares-Darchinyan. Mijares-Darchinyan. Mijares-Darchinyan. Hopkins-Pavlik. Mijaares-Darchinyan. Hopkins-Pavlik. Hopkins-Pavlik.

Can you tell which two fights I'm looking foward too?

-Luis Collazo should have accepted that low amount of money for 11/29's BAD card against Paul Williams. He probably won't make as much against Berto. If berto even decides to fight him...

-I'm looking foward to Fobres-Berto more then Mosley-Mayorga. I like Mayorga, but Forbes-Berto interests me a lot more.

-Dwiens keeps telling me I need to watch Junior Jones. I really need to get on that.

-I watched Barrera-Mckinney for the first time last saturday and man I was excited as I normally am for a live fight. Damn that was good. Mckinney reminds me of a Jr.Featherweight james toney based off that performance. Not sure how true that is.

-Speaking of Barrera, I love watching him fight, but watching him display bad sportsmanship really pisses me off. He's an *******. Say what you want about Hopkins, but man Barrera pisses me off.

-So yeah...that's all for now.
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