WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder took some by surprise when he revealed that he would defend the title against previous victim Luis Ortiz.

The rematch will take place at MGM Grand in Las Vegas on November 23 in a bout that has generated interest in boxing circles partly because Wilder survived hazy moments in their first fight in March 2018.

While the Bronze Bomber rallied to stop Ortiz in 10 rounds and preserved his unbeaten record, some wondered what would have happened had Ortiz entered the fight without reported personal distractions.

Those questions will be answered on November 23 as Wilder chases a more lucrative rematch against Tyson Fury next year.

Wilder revealed in a South African radio interview why he decided to give Ortiz a rematch.

He said after their first fight, he got to know Ortiz personally and found out that the Cuban has a disabled child he is taking care off.

“I got to know that Ortiz has a disabled child and as I also has one kid like that I figured, let me help the brother to get a decent pay day to take care of his child,” he said.

“I know it costs plenty of money to take care of a disabled kid and I felt if I could help I should help.”

Wilder has been boasting that he has blessed Ortiz by giving him a rematch when he did not have to.

“Of course I did not have to (give him rematch) and if you look at Ortiz he is one of the most avoided fighters in the heavyweight division. But as a world champion I am not in the business of avoiding any one.”

Despite his claims Wilder is still looking to smash Ortiz more convincing that their first fight.

“I have been preparing for the fight by engaging in all sorts of training regimen including swimming and all. I discovered that in swimming all the muscles get some work-out even those you were not even aware you have.”