By Reynaldo Sanchez

Acquinity Sports promoter Henry Rivalta is absolutely convinced that on March 9th Argenis Mendez will become the first world champion for his company. Rivalta thinks that in this opportunity his fighter has everything he needs to beat current IBF super featherweight champion Juan Carlos Salgado of Mexico.

"In my opinion," says Rivalta, "Argenis is one of the better super featherweights in the game. We are sure that Mendez will be our next champ because he deserves this title. In the first fight between them, everybody saw Mendez as the winner, and now the fight will be in United States and not in Mexico."

Argenis is training along with his current coach Lee Beard in England. Beard and Mendez are a great duo, they have worked together in the past and they were very successful. The Mendez-Salgado fight is scheduled to take place in Costa Mesa, California.