Amanda Serrano is poised to take the next step in her quest toward the equitable treatment of women in boxing, this time on the island where she was born.

On Saturday at Coliseo Jose Miguel Agrelot in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Serrano will defend her three world titles against Nina Meinke. The catch: The bout will be fought in three-minute rounds, up to 12 total – the rules that govern title fights for men.

Serrano felt strongly enough about the arrangement that she gave up her WBC featherweight world title when the organization refused to sanction her bouts under the terms. (Women’s title fights are typically contested in 10 two-minute rounds.)

After getting in under weight at Friday’s weigh-in, Serrano (125.6 pounds) admitted that her return to Puerto Rico as a fighter has lifted her emotions.

“They are running high,” she said. “It has been a long, long journey. It is a full circle, coming here to Puerto Rico to celebrate my fifth win. Last time I was here, there was maybe 10 people in the crowd; now I am going to be fighting in front of 18,000. I am super-excited, super-pumped.”

At the weigh-in, Serrano didn’t face Meinke (125.2), who comes into the matchup on a six-fight win streak.

“Maybe she doesn’t want to anymore," Meinke said. “You can see the tension is there now; we are ready to fight. Tomorrow is the big night. Both will show the world. The best thing is we are going to have fun in the ring."

The co-feature will also see the return of Jake Paul, who faces Ryan “The Rhino” Bourland.

“F*** ‘The Rhino,’” Paul chanted after making weight. “I am feeling good. I want to do this for Puerto Rico. I am sick and tired of these dumbass rhinos walking around this mother****** island. Tomorrow, the rhinos are going extinct.”

Weights for all fighters on the card are listed below:

Amanda Serrano (125.6 pounds) vs. Nina Meinke (125.2)

Jake Paul (199.8) vs. Ryan Bourland (197.4)

Jonathan Gonzalez (108) vs. Rene Santiago (107)

Javon Walker (130) vs. Joshua Torres (130)

Krystal Rosado (115) vs. Gloria Munguilla (114.4)

Christopher Diaz (129.6) vs. Headley Scott (130)

Omar Pacheco (140) vs. Christopher Ortiz (139.6)

Elijah Flores (149) vs. Alejandro Munera (148.6)